Sunday, June 25, 2006

10 Months Old

I can't believe that my baby girl is 10 months old today. It has gone so quickly even with all the dramas in her life.

She still doesn't look like a 10 month old most people that see her in the Hospital think she is about 6 months...she has finally made it into double O (00) clothing, only just as most of the stuff she wears is still OOO.

Although I am also a bit sad as I doubt very much we will have her home for her 1st birthday...we were secretly kind of hoping that she would have a new liver and be home before she turned one.

But with only 2 months until that date I am seriously thinking that she will be celebrating her birthday in the Hospital. I am still secretly hoping that she has had the transplant and is well into recovery so she can enjoy the day.

BUT.... I got my Krispy Kremes this again suprised me but getting up early and driving down to get them. I thought he was going to the Hospital early...but they are YUMMY!!!


Chrissy said...

I can't believe she's 10 months old already Mel! It seems like yesterday I saw you and your gorgeous pregnant tum at SWIG!! :)

Hope she's doing ok today honey!

Chrissy xx

Robyn said...

I know what you mean Chrissy! 10 months wow..I can't believe it either!

Anonymous said...

wow that has gone so fast.... oh yummm

Debbie B said...

Wow, Mel, 10 months already - it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that we were *roomies* at SWIG. What a Sweetie John is to get you your Krispy Kremes. My first ever Krispy Kreme was at SWIG - courtesy of Jo P. Will have to remember to call in to Fountain Gate next time I am driving down to Mum's or my sisters.

John M said...

Mel was worth the 2 hour+ round trip to get there and back then wait in a line that seemed to stretch into forever. Oh and she did share a couple with the kids and I too ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG 10 months already? Unbelieveable. And to hear she is doing much better is wonderful. You are lucky to have John around and treat you so well - you do deserve it afterall.

Rach xoxo

PS Scottie is 10 months in 8 days time WHOO HOO

Anonymous said...

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