Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well after sleeping all day for Mum I actually came to the Hospital to see a happy happy Rani. Usually she plays for Mum and sleeps the afternoon away.

Anyhow yesterday I had noticed that when i changed Rani's clothes and lifted her she cried when I touched her right arm...but she was playing happily so I let it be.

Today I noticed it again when I stripped her off for her weigh in that again she grizzled when I took her right arm out of her t-shirt. Then when I was playing with her I noticed that she had completely stopped using her right arm al together, just leaving it limp to her side. I tested her by waving her taggie over her and she reached for it only with her left hand. Now we have already worked out that she is going to be left handed and certainly favours this arm, but not to grab anything with her right arm was strange for her. I placed her dummy on her right side and she rolled on her side and grabbed it with her left hand.

When the Nurse came into to do Obs I told her. She was taking her temp and holding her left arm to her side so I again grabbed her taggie and again she didn't try to grab it as her left arm was being held. Once her temp was finished she imediately grabbed at it with her left hand. The Nurse called one of the Doctors to come and have a look.

Of course when the Doc came she had fallen asleep and not just a light sleep a deep sleep. Rani's other problem is she doesn't cry in front of the Docs. So even though when she woke briefly I could see her face grimace when he squeezed her arm she still didn't cry. She does it with most procedures which makes it hard for the Docs to know what is up with her. But after speaking to me and her Nurse they thought to be on the safe side they would arrange an X-ray.

At about 6.30 the machine came up to Rani's room and you can tell she has a scrapper as a thought it was a great big camera and was smiling away.

We waited around and at 8.30pm Rani cried her self to sleep...we told the Nurse that it didn't matter what time she could call us with the X-ray results. We left and picked the kids up from Mum and Dads and just as ew walked in the door at 10pm the phone rang.

It was Rani's Nurse the X-ray results had come in and she has a fractured Humerus (the top of her arm) so they have put it in a sling and wrapped her up in a sheet like a baby and gave her some Codine (which will probably knock her out as she is not usually allowed any drugs like that) and she will be looked at in the morning.

We knew that she had fragile bones due to the fact that her body doesn't absorb much but it was a shock to hear that she has a fracture...oh well I guess it is just another hurdle for us to climb over.

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