Sunday, June 04, 2006


Just for Lisa, Chrissy and Chris. Here are the photos as promised.

Don't you think Rani will kill me for these photos when she is

BUT check out the rolls on her the other photo doesn't show her cheeks as well will you look at the size of her now.


DenimAngel said...

Isn't she doing well? Thanks for sharing the pictures. What a colourful world Rani has for a hospital bed, you do a great job.

Chris Millar said...

Mel, look at those gorgeous, wonderful rolls! What a joy it is to see those!!! And Miss Rani is looking as beautiful as ever! Thanks for sharing Mel!

connie said...

Hi Mel..
havnt been leaving many comments lately but i have been stopping by every few days to see how Rani is going...WOW it great news she is putting on some weight...ur little chubba!!!..She looks beautiful!!

Chrissy said...

Well what lovley pics to open up to when I checked out your blog today Mel, look at our little girl getting all chubby! Makes my heart just smile to see them!

Chrissy xx

Marilyn said...

Mel, she is doing so well, and just look at those beautiful rolls. LOL Rani looks gorgeous. Love your LO's.

Take care

Debbie Y said...

Oh Mel I am so pleased for you and Princess Rani, those little roles of hers are absolutely wonderful to see.

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased Mel that things are finally looking up for Rani. I think of you all every day and hope that things continue to improve. love Rachael
PS still see the Taggie is by her side! LOL

Anonymous said...

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