Friday, June 16, 2006


well I finally took a photo of Rani's cheeks well as taking some with her and the 2 Nurses that are leaving for her Hospital album.

So look at that round a double chin... :)

We have a meeting on Monday with the Surgeon that will be doing Rani's transplant to discuss everything so that we can sign the Consent Forms for when a liver does come up. I am starting to get really scared as it is becoming way to always seemed that it was something that would happen in years to come and in reality it could happen at any time...just to muh to try and absorb :(


lisa :) said...

WOW look at those fat cheeks :) YAY!!! Miss Rani, I just want to pinch them (gently of course)... I am so pleased, she's looking great!

Chrissy said...

Just take it one day, one step at a time love! It sounds like youhave lots of faith in your team of docs and nurses. I know you must be anxious... HUGS!!!

Look at that adorable little face too, she's got such chubby cheekies!! Awwwww!!

God bless sweetie!
Love Chrissy xx

caron said...

Good Lord! Rani!! You chubby lil girl! Tonight was the first time I'd heard "She's fat!" & "Yay" in the same sentence. Great to hear. I can understand the 'hitting reality' thing Mel... It's gonna happen & it's gonna do Rani & everyone the world of good. Time to get the job done & get you all home to be a 'normal' family in a home. Do hope it comes soon, is over quick & you can finally breath relief.

Tassie Deb said...

OMG - check those bootiful cheeks out :) Keep up the good work

Hugs to all
TD xoxoxo

Chris Millar said...

Woohoo, look at that chubba bubba!!! So lovely to see Mel!

Michelle M said...

Wow Rani is looking so chubby, and even her colour is improving.. How gorgeous are those cheekies!!!

Kirsten De Forest said...

Look at your chubby baby!!! That's so cool. Good luck with the meeting on Monday.

Wow! I can't beleive how 'not sick' she's looking. How wonderful.