Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nearly There

Well John has called from the Hospital and this morning Rani is up to not to far away from the 7k mark.

Thankfully even though she is still throwing up and no drinking anything the TPN is still fattening her up...I am so glad that it is now working so well. I must admit that to start with I wasn't impressed with this 'so called miracle' feed that was going to put the weight on. It took a good month to kick in properly and now it is working I am glad that they put it in.

She is so good with it all. It is also heart breaking that already she knows all the procedures. Yesterday before John took Josh and Teagan home the nurses came in to change her dressing and her lines.

The dressing is around the tube that goes into her chest and is stuck with two clear plastic like bandaids...and Little Miss Rani just lies there quietly as they rip (as gently as they can) the tape off...I mean these are stuck down for 6 days and I know how much it hurts when you take a bandaid off after that long...and this is on her chest. Everytime I see it I say that it is time to go home, that we have obviously been here way to long if she is not going to cry or move when they pull tape off her skin. It is so heartbreaking but beautiful to see that she is so brave hopefully this means that when she gets the Liver she will be a trooper and get well amzingly fast.

Well yesterday was the 2 Nurses last days at the Hospital. I printed them eat a photo I took of them with Rani and we gave them a box of Chocolate. They both came in and said there good-byes and had will be strange not seeing them in the Hospital.

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Chrissy said...

What a brave sweetheart she is!!

It won't be long Mel, she'll be healthy and HOME!

Hugs love!
Crhissy xx