Saturday, June 10, 2006


Naughty has been nearly a week and I haven't updated anything.

There isn't a lot to tell you about Rani this week. She is classed as 'stable' and returns to the transplant list on Wednesday.

She is slowly gaining weight and has stayed steady at around 6.5kg all week, so that is good. We are so shocked as we only dreamed of the ever elusive 6kg mark and she would get there and have something happen and drop right back. But even though she is now on Albumin twice weekly she is only dropping about 50 grams after the treatment, rather than the 200grams she used to. So her Specialist seems to think that it is finally proper weight gain and not fluid gain.

She is also drinking her milk from her bottle and taking her meds orally well (occasionally having a hissy fit) but all in all well. She is throwing up at least once a day, which is very scary hoping that there is no blood in the vomit, but so far it is just flem and milk, so no one is overly concerned or though they would prefer that she didn't aggrevate the enlarged veins in her neck.

It is a long weekend so we have the kiddies until Tuesday morning...WOOHOO... Teagan is very excited as Hannah a friend she made in Hospital with CF is back in for a treatment, so she is off to the Hospital with John so she can play with her.

Well I also scrapped yesterday with the girls from Memories and More and got two pages done. It was so great to chat with you all and to scrap again.


Chris Millar said...

Stable is a good word to hear I'm sure! Love these layouts, have comment on them on the SN gallery. Enjoy your long weekend Mel!

Chrissy said...

These LOs look super lovely Mel, so glad to hear our girl is doing ok, stable sounds good to me, I'll be thinking special thoughts for Wednesday when she goes back on the list!

Hugs sweetie!
Love Chrissy xx

Sal :-) said...

That's such wonderful news to hear that Rani is stable and can go back on the list. Big Hugs for you all.

Anonymous said...

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