Friday, June 02, 2006

Our Little Budha

Well we are all amazed...Rani is finally starting to pile on the weight and you can actually see it. She has a (yes only one, but the first one) fat roll on each leg...everyone who see's her comments on is such a mile stone.

Shockingly she now weighs 6.37kg.

On Thursday night when it came time for weigh in she had been 6.18kg in the morning and jokingly I said to John I hope it is 6.2kg and she was 6.31kg...we were shocked but so excited.

Her face is getting fat and her cheeks are huge. Thankfully it is starting to go elsewhere as her belly is still reasonably flat.

So this 2 weeks off the list could be a good thing and perhaps she will be 7kgs (what the minimum they want her to be) by the time she is put back on the list.

I wonder what she will be tomorrow????


lisa :) said...

woooo hooooo!!!!! that is awesome news that she's getting tubby!!!!!
Photo's please Mummy :D
:o) lisa xx

Chrissy said...

She is on her way to that 7kg mark now Mel!! Fingers crossed she continues to be a chubby bubby! :-)Can't wait to see some piccies... *gentle hint* LOL

Hugs sweetie!
Chrissy xx

Marilyn said...

Wonderful news Mel!!! Hope she continues to gain weight.



DenimAngel said...

Fantastic Mel I'm so excited for you. Go Rani go.

Chris Millar said...

That is really wonderful news Mel!