Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Still Scary!!!

When I got into the Hospital both Mum and her nurse Marty were saying that she was very unsettled this morning, so they wanted to put her back on the heart rate and oxygen machine.

Well we were shocked as we watched her oxygen go from 100% down to 84% then up and down. Then when she fell asleep briefly her levels stayed at 84%. They even bought in another machine to make sure it was correct, but both machines got the same accurate reading. So the Nurse called her Specialists and they recommended that she go on oxygen, which she was still on when I left tonight. But thankfully the oxygen made her levels go up to 100% again. So now she has another thing up her nose and taped to her face...lol

Also today she had a blood tranfussion as her hemoglbin was low.

So she had things going into her from everywhere.

Later in the afternoon i managed to get some smiles, as she was so tired but was fighting sleep. She finally fell asleep until my sister came in and woke her, or as she says 'i just took her blanket off'.

So again after a stressful day, John and I were able to have an early night.

Plus tomorrow I will be home even earlier, as I am having the kiddies for the night and taking Teagan to dancing....sounds boring but I haven't done it for a month, so i am excited as my brother is coming in early tomorrow so I can go home.

OK short but sweet as I am off to bed, as I have to be up early to get into the Hospital in the morning.

This is a quick pick I took this afternoon while she was happy. As you can see the blood is going into her Central Line, which is good, no need for drips. And you may just be able to make out the oxygen thing (I don't know the name...lol) under her nose.


Chrissy said...

Oh Mel, that does sound scary love!! Huggles!!

You know I look at her cute little smiling face like that and I just want to reach into the computer and give her a big cuddle. She's so adorable. :-)

Tassie Deb said...

Dear Mel, I am so pleased that Princess Rani can manage a smile for you. Hugs to you all

TD xoxoxo