Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another Day and Friends!!!!

Well another day in the Hospital has ended for our sister is in tonight.

Rani decided to give me a little scare as she was meant to be immunised today but instead decided to get a tempreture of 37.9..of course then no one wanted to risk giving her the needles, she was watched like a hawk and within 2 hours she was down to 37.1. Cheeky thing anything to get out of

BUT I also came to a big realisation today when my best friend called me at the Hospital just to make sure I was doing ok that through all of this I have found out who are true friends and who are not. I am shocked that I either haven't heard anything or very little from people that I would class as close friends and regularily hear from people that I didn't think we were that close. It has been a real wake up call but somewhat shocking at the same time. I know that some people either don't know what to say or are trying not to bug me...but a quick phone call, SMS or even an email isn't really that hard. I hear more from friends in QLD that we haven't seen for years than some people that live in Melbourne. So after this is all done, I will be seriously looking at who we continue to see and can't be bothered with those that I thought were "true" friends.

Also it amazes me the kindness of people that I have never met and the RAK's that I have recieved. I will share a couple more from some people from the Memories and More chat group. Thanks girls. A beautiful taggie that Rani loves made my Rachael and a card from Caron that take pride and place on my photo board.


DenimAngel said...

How precious is that picture of Rani with her gift. Thinking of you all.

Chrissy said...

Awwww she looks so cute like that Mel!! :-) Hope the spike in temp isn't a serious thing, I kinda understand Miss Rani's reluctance with those needles though... I'm with her!! ;-)

Hugs sweetie!
Chrissy xx

lisa :) said...

I absolutely love the pic's of Rani with "Aunty Rach's" Taggie... Always thinking of you & Rani, and of course John, Teagan and Joshua.
Love Lisa xx

Angelrat said...

Hi Mel, just catching up with the news in the Millar "hospitalhold" (not exactly household, worse luck!)... You've certainly had some ups and downs. I love the gorgeous pics you've snapped, and I admire you so much for the way you've kept a positive outlook, I doubt I'd cope half so well.


Robyn said...

Well I'm glad the temp went down and had a chuckle over your comment about doing anything to get out of needles! LOl That nasal tube is a woory but I can understand why she hates it! Nine months already?? I can remember you up at SWIG pregnant and it just seems like the other day! I hope you have a good week, sending hugs.

Anonymous said...

I know I fall into the "don't know what to say" category, and I am really sorry for that. :( But we both think of you & Rani every day. jody xx

Anonymous said...

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