Sunday, May 07, 2006

OK Today is????

OK I am not keeping track of days very well, so I will go back to Friday :)

Mum went in to the Hospital in the morning. Little Miss Rani was still chock-a-block full of the flu and very miserable. Unfortunately due to her liver not working properly she is unable to have Panadol to try and relieve some of the pain.

Test wise we found out that the sweat test had come back fine and that she may need to have the excess bile they saw in her liver from the ultrasound drained manually, but they would discuss this with me when I got into the Hospital.

Meanwhile I am at home (inbetween calling booking John and i 2 nights at Rydges (The hotel across the road from the Hospital).

So I checked in and walked to the Hospital to see my snotty little girl to be told that she needs an MRI as they think that Bile could be leaking out of her liver and this could be the cause of the weight loss...of course only one other case of this has happened here, Miss Rani has all the Docs and even the Surgeon who did her op baffled. So if this is the case it means another operation, so we will wait until Wednesday and see what happens with the MRI.



After the most horrible night sleep on the worst matress we woke to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary...John got a watch and had to go home and get my present and feed the dog. So how romantic, I went to the Hospital and John went home briefly. Well things had gotten worse for Rani overnight, her nose was being suctioned every 30 minutes, they were monitoring her oxygen levels and had ICU on stand by.

THEN the Docs came in to see me and her pancreas was not working as it should and the levels were sky high, instead of being in the 200's they were in the 1600's. Also to top it off she had lost 220 grams in 2 days. Her body was using every ounce of energy to fight of the flu, so her pancreas was doing overtime and obviously had had enough. So for everything to settle down she was taken off the continous feed and put on a drip for 24 hours. The fun it is seeing the drip needle going in, and even better when the vein in her right hand decided to fail after the needle went in and we had to do it all over again in her left arm.

We had a small amount of freedom, so we went down to Maccas for some lunch and John and I felt so bad as Rani was on Nil via Mouth, so she couldn't even suck on a chip.

Later that afternoon she was hooked up, just as my brother arrived.

Everyone in our room left on Saturday and for about 3 hours there was only Rani in a 4 bed room, later on we got one other person...I have never seen the Ward this empty.

Oh yeah when John came back he had some flowers for me, a beautiful pair of earrings and a bangle...I got very spoilt.

Then my sister came in at about 7.30 pm and John and I left.

We were going to go down Lygon Street for some dinner but were both so tired from being in the Hospital and physically drained from the dramas of the day that we decided to eat at the Hotel Restaurant...I had some beautiful Garlic Prawns and John had Lamb Shanks...then we both crashed in bed from pure exhaustion.


Well it is amazing how quickly Rani reacts to things. Obviously the 24 hours of no feeds did her a world of good...her nose has pretty much cleared up and she was very happy today. (or should I say part of today)

She was put back on Continous feeds at 2pm and they have lowered the drip and if her levels come back low again (as they went down overnight) they will take her off the drip tomorrow.

Josh and Teagan came in with Mum and Dad and John took them home so they could have an early night for school tomorrow. Mum and Dad stayed until about 4 and then it was just Rani and I.

That is when she got sooky, so was so tired but wouldn't sleep unless it was in my arms, she didn't settle until after 6 when I ran downstairs to get some dinner and came back to find that she was crying again.

Finally she settled at 8.30pm and I left at 9pm as I say she will sleep pretty solidly tonight and I will go back in tomorrow to see what her Specialist has to say.

I hope all this made sense as I am desperate for sleep


Chris Millar said...

Hi Mel, I'm glad that you and John were able to have a bit of special time together - shame the bed wasn't more comfy! What a little fighter your Princess is. I'm glad that the drip helped her fight off that cold - they are such nasty things going in aren't they! Hoping for a good weight gain for Rani this week!

Tania said...

Hi Mel , happy anniverary for saturday! .Glad you and john hd a bit of time for yourselves, isnt it always the way , hotel beds are always so uncomfortable :)
Hope rani satrts to improve a bit , thinking of you all

Tassie Deb said...

Hugs for you all Mel. I hope that Princess Rani's flu has gone and all the very best for the MRI

TD xoxo

Bev said...

glad you were able to do a little clelbrating for your anniversary Mel. Glad to hear Ranis nose is drying up, there is nothing worse or more miserable than being all blocked up. Hope this week brings some happier news for you

Caron said...

G'day Mel,

Thinking of you & Rani... (getting confused with the Mel's in our group... ) Hope to hear some good news soon. All the best,