Friday, May 19, 2006


Well what a day!!! - the understatement of the year

Last night there was blood in Rani's poo. She was checked over and they weren't to concerned, as she has varices that could bleed at anytime.

Well today she had another 3 nappies the same. Her feeds were changed, her meds were changed but I guess the most shocking thing is that as of tomorrow she will be on the Transplant List.

They haven't even finished the work up yet but things are that bad that even though she is not at the weight they want her to be there is no other resource, she needs a new liver now.

So as of tomorrow she goes on the National (Australia Wide) Catergory 2 instead of Victorian listing for a liver. Speaking to the liver co-ordinator today (or picking her brains for 2 hours) she said that is could be anytime from tomorrow that we get the call. She has had calls back in 30 minutes from listing to 2 weeks. So as you can imagine John and I and my family are in a bit of shock, we knew it was coming but thought it was still a while away.

She still doesn't weigh enough and they haven't even finished the work up for her to be listed, but her risk for a bleed is to high and the best way of making her better is with a new liver.

So we are feeling a bit scared, but after our talk with the Liver Transplant Co-ordinator today and trusting completely the Surgeons at the Hospital we are feeling a bit better.

BUT still in shock that it has come around so quickly, but so looking forward to having a healthy girl.


Chrissy said...

God bless your baby girl Mel! You know our family has been through the whole transplant roller coaster ourselves and all I can say is be positive and ask lots of questions. I can't wait to see our gorgeous Rani all healthy and happy!!

Lots of prayers being said here! Ring me if you need to chat, you know my number love. :-)
Big Hugs!
Chrissy xx

Chris Millar said...

Oh gosh Mel, it is sudden news. Best wishes for it all to go perfectly from here!

Tassie Deb said...

oh my Mel, all the very best wishes and hugs and fingers crossed too for a healthy and happy Rani and family very, very soon

Smiles and lots of hugs
TD xoxoxo

Michelle M said...

Mel,hugs and prayers that Rani recieves her transplant asap, and that she recovers speedily and will be home with your family soon...

Hugs and more hugs

Robyn said...

Thinking of you and keeping up those prayers too. You are in our thoughts.:)

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