Monday, May 29, 2006

1 week and

Well as of Saturday Rani has been listed for 1 week...but whose

On Sunday John spoke to a family that have a daughter that has had a liver transplant and had pretty similiar problems that Rani has and also had BA. He spoke to them for hours and said it was great to talk to someone that had been through it and understood what he was going on about. I have to remember to get the number from John so I can talk to them as well.

Well Rani got immunised today, her temp is back down, so they have come in this morning and given her 4 of her 5 needles. They have to check whether one of them will react with some of her Meds, so she may have that one this afternoon. Bummer i thought I had got out of seeing that, as Mum is doing morning shift.

Well hopefully when Rani is weighed tonight she will be back up to 6kg...she was 5.998kg this She gets up to 6kg and then she has some sort of transfussion like Albumin or Blood and they have to give her a huge Lasix (diuretic) flush to get rid of the excess fluid which knocks her weight down by a couple of hundred grams (which doesn't seem like much but is) and then she has to try to get back up again. So fingers crossed that she doesn't have to have a blood transfusion for a week or so and can get over 6kg and stay around that weight when she is flushed.

Well I better get organised and off the puter so Mum can get back in time to get the kids from School and see how they went in their Walkathon today. :)


Chris Millar said...

Hi Mel, that's wonderful that John was able to speak to another family that has gone through a similar thing. Glad to hear that Rani was well enough to have her needles too.

Kirsten De Forest said...

Hi Mel. Good to hear that things are stable. I have a friend in at RCH today for her little boy, and have asked her to look in on you and give you a hug from me. Let me know if she finds you. As always, you're in my thoughts. K xx

Caron said...

G'day Mel,

Have you heard of the story about people coming into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime? I hope that gives you some heartsease about friends you thought were friends. You are a woman of great strength & for some, this would be quite overwhelming & hard to approach. I am here for your reason & here for as long as you need me.
(((((((Mel & family))))))))))

Anonymous said...

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