Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I find it so funny that we probably put on and loose hundreds of grams every day yet with Rani we count everyone.

It is such a roller coaster watching her weight morning and night. On Monday night she was 6.03kg, then this morning (Tuesday) she was down to 5.95kg...only 50 odd grams, but so much for Rani. Then again tonight she was back up to 6.03kg again but will be way down tomorrow, as she had another Albumin transfusion and was weighed before she had her lasix, which makes all the excess fluid

I am sad that when I got home I missed a call from my sister in London, I would have loved to speak to you Danielle, rather than just having a message on my answering machine, but it was great to hear your voice. :)

On Thursday I am being assessed by the Mental Health you think they will lock me up and throw away the No they (the Hospital) have an external person come in and have a talk with us so we can explain what we understand is happening and they get a feeling of how much we understand and that in general we are handling the situation. Plus they also offer different assistance things, which I will find out more about on just seems so bizarre that the Mental Health Department are coming to see

Well Miss Rani had the last jab of immunisations today. On Monday she had 4 needles, 2 in each leg and today she had one in her arm. Mum was there when all the needles were done and she said that she took it really well...i guess as sad as it is she is kind of used to needles already.

I was a bit sad today as Sue another 'long termer' she has been at the Hospital with her daughter for over 6 months and her daughter is 7 months old. Well they finally got the all clear to go home. Well they are in the Medi Hotel and then on Friday they head home. It is so strange walking past her room, as they had the Isolation room in front of ours and not seeing her there. I am so happy that finally they are able to go home as she has been through hell and back...but sad as I will miss our talks and seeing the big smiles I get from her daughter.

At least I get big smiles from Rani, it makes it so much easier to go to the Hospital each day and know that I will (hopefully) be seeing happy Rani. The way they are feeding her has given her so much more energy, this is the most active she has been in months. It really makes it hard sometimes to believe that she is so sick when she is laughing, playing and kicking around in her cot.

And thankfully since coughing out her Naso-Gastric tube she as taken to the bottle again really well. Her Specialist didn't want to put the tube back in, in case he knocked one of her varices and caused a bleed, but he would have had no other choice if she didn't take to the bottle, so we are all very relieved. Plus she looks so much better with out all the tape all over her face.

Well I guess we had some sort of a milestone Rani legs have gotten that fat that we actually had to move up one more size in the bands for when they take her blood is so small a thing but so exciting for

Well this was only going to be a small chat about i better stop now and head off to bed as I have early shift tomorrow, as it is Mum's day off.

PS Chris I will change the song tomorrow :P I got your

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Chrissy said...

I'm so glad she's taken to the bottle again with little probs Mel, that must make you feel so much more relieved!! I felt so happy when I read she's put on some weight! Keep it up little one!! :-)