Sunday, October 01, 2006


Thank you everyone for your comments about my last is truly appreciated.

Well I think 3AW are going to be sick of hearing from John...he was in the car when he heard that again they were talking about organ donation, so he rang up and again talked about Rani and stressed the importance of Organ Donation.

Today is a bit sad as it is exactly 1 month since our little girl lost her fight and no one really slept well last night. Except the kiddies they were exhausted.

We have had a big couple of days. On Friday we went to my cousins for lunch (also with my mum) and the kids ran around and played with my cousins kiddies. Then we went out for dinner with friends and Josh and Teagan spent the night at their house.

Then on Saturday John took the kids to other friends for lunch - I was supposed to go but felt sick - and again Josh and Teagan ran around with their children so by the time they got home they were ready for bed.

Today is a kick back day as they are back to school tomorrow..YIPEE!!!..back to routine

Oh yeah when I did get out of bed I had a lovely email to say that my 'Dad' Lo had won the monthly competition at Bons Scraps - It is uploaded in the Gallery Section

Here are some LO's that I did last night while I couldnt sleep.


Chris Millar said...

Gorgeous layouts Mel and congrats on winning the layout comp.
It's been the worse month of you life I'm sure - thinking of you always.

Chrissy said...

The LOs are lovely sweetie and a big congrats on your Dad LO too! :-)

You sound unwell love, hope you pick up soon you poor darl. It's such an awful time for you all right now, must be so much harder being sick too. Huggles! You know you are always in my thoughts, if I can do anything just let me know.

Much love,
Chrissy xx

Alisha73 said...

Congratz on winning for your LO..I hope you feel a little better soon.

Jenny said...

Hi mel,

I haven't looked in for a little while, now. {{{{{HUGE HUGS}}}}}

Well done on winning the LO Comp. It really is a wonderful LO.

Wish I could help somehow..........things will get a little easier and a little softer and it is a time thing.

Take care,

Thinking of you,


parkyslot said...

It is an old line but a true line.

No matter how much time passes one never forgets.

But time does heal Mel, I have been there done that. It never takes the pain away. But you have the fabulous memories and had the opportunity of knowing your little princess. I wish I could have had that.......

Time will heal. But you never forget.....even all these years later.

HUGS and wishes Parky xxx