Friday, October 27, 2006

Out and About

Well today I dragged John to the Paperific Expo...I was going to go with a girlfriend but she couldn't make it - so hence John he needed to go to the City so it was a win win situation.

Also I finally got to meet the lovely Connie today, caught up with her a Paperific while having an expensive yes we went inside and bought that hanging thing (technical term).

So we have just had Pizza for dinner and I am feeling some Mojo I may actually scrap tonight or hopefully some time this weekend.

WOOHOO I scrapped...well I started this the other day and then didn't like the set up for the photo I wanted originally (can you tel my Mojo went on holidays...) so I added this pic of my sis on her birthday.


connie said...

Hay Mel, it so great to finially met u!!!
We will have to do it again soon......Cool you got a hanging thingy!!! cant wait to see what u come up with!!!!
Love ur layout!!!...i off now to check out scrap yourself silly!!! never been
Talk soon...


Jenelle said...


Glad that you went out and had a break with Connie today! Good on ya.. it was probably just the break that you needed, and also to go to the Paperific you are making me jealous, as we never have that here in the WEST. Glad to hear that things are picking up for you Mel.