Saturday, October 28, 2006

Need to take Notice of

Thankfully today I thought I would double check the flyer for the Fete at the Primary School I went to. I am glad that I did as I thought it was Sunday and it was today and having promised the kids that we would go - I would have had to upset kiddies tomorrow.

So we quickly had some lunch and headed down to the Fete. I guess I thought it would be bigger as the School was also celebrating being open for 30 years...but the truth be told it was a bit disappointing...even for a small school. I did get to take John and the kiddies for a tour of the school and the scary thing is that in the 20 year (no it can't be that since I finish Primary School it is still exactly the same - not a lot has changed at all. But other than doing a quick tour of the school, going to the Library and seeing some old class pictures and Josh and Teagan laughing at what me, my sisters and brother looked like years ago there wasn't really a lot to do. There were a couple of rides but more for younger kids so after about 20 minutes the kids were bored and so were we, so we headed off to another School Fete around the corner from home.

This one at least had some more things to look at. The kids each went on a ride - Teagan had her hair sprayed at the first fete and Josh had his face painted at the second fete. They each got a lucky dip, played on the playground and then we headed home. On the way out I got to catch up with my best friends parents so that was nice.

PLUS it was so cold it was a great excuse to head back home. We have been getting a little bit of that much needed rain...but talk about a freezing wind - of course it is meant to fine up on Monday when the kids are back at school. Why is it always horrible on the weekends when we want to do things and beautiful when the kids are at school?

Well daylight savings kicks in tonight - so we are robbed an hour of sleep - but looking forward to the lighter nights, maybe I can start walking again and feel safe as it was so dark at 6pm I didn't like going out.

Well enough rambling I should be in bed - got an exciting day of shoe shopping - not for me for the monsters so not looking forward to that one...didn't I say that I wanted to scrap this weekend!!!!


Rachael said...


so glad to hear you had a terrible fete experience - I was beginning to feel alone in this, ours was plain dead boring and a waste of time :(

I must catch up with you. I am pleased to see you managed to scrap and a new hair do???? show us a pic!!!

love ya bunches!!

Anonymous said...

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