Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We Did It!

John and I went down to the Memorial Park today where we had Rani's Service.

We needed to go and see where we wanted to place her ashes. It was horrible driving down there...all the memories flooding back but we did what we needed to.

We walked all around the Park and finally decided that we like the Rose Garden...they do have a Baby Section...but it is just a strip of concrete in the grass and cluttered with toys and stuff on the other plots and the Rose Garden is much nicer.

We have to make an appointment (we later found to work out all of the final details. The lovely lady that we did speak to gave us a pack of information, prices, etc so when we go back we will have everything we want on her plaque and a little more prepared for the day, so that everything is organised fo rthe Service in December when my sister is home.

Plus Miss Rani put on a beautiful day for is 28 degree and just beautiful today...lovely for


Chrissy said...

Oh Mel love, big hugs, the Rose Garden sounds just beautiful for your darling baby girl. I'm sure your sister will really appreciate you having the service when she comes home.

Much love sweetie!
Chrissy xx

Lynne said...

My Mum's first little baby was buried in a Rose Garden in Sydney too.

It must have been a very hard drive to make. Thinking of you all.

parkyslot said...

Sounds like the perfect place for Miss Rani, very peaceful.
Nice you are able to include your sister thats special.

(((HUGS)))) Parky xx

Jenelle said...


Am glad this is all going the way you want it to go... glad you are getting this all organized before you sister comes, and I'm sure she'll appreciate you for going into all this trouble.


Treezah said...

The rose garden sounds the PERFECT place for a princess! Roses are my favorite flower and now everytime i look at one, i shall think of the little princess.
I'm pleased you are so organised for your sister's visit, as hard as it's going to be, it's one hurdle down!Thinking of you often Mel...

Trina said...

Hi Mel, I pop in every now and then to see how you're getting on (first found you through Chris's blog) and just wanted to say hi. I think you are incredibly brave with everything you have been through. The Rose Garden sounds lovely.

jilly said...

Mel, I'm a bit of a lurker too - been thinking of you. (We've lost a little girl too so I sort of know what you're going thru). I have to say that it doesn't get easier but you DO learn to live with it. Thinking of you. xxJill

Rachael said...

Roses? Perfect!!! How beautiful. I'd love to know the date so we can plant a mini rose bush ourselves. That would be fantastic - Alesia often looks at Ranis photo on my desk and says how lovely she looks, how happy and I've explained that she is in heaven now. We love you guys. Thinking of you xoxoxoxo

Alisha73 said...

The Rose Garden is a lovely place, and I'm glad you could see it on a nice sunny day. Trevor's mum is not far from there, so you will have to tell us where and when we go to see mum and leave flowers, we can go say hi to your little Princess aswell. She may be gone from this earth as we know it but she is still here in all our hearts and will be forever.

Raechel said...

Mel, you & your family are in my thoughts & prayers everyday sweetie... I visit your Blog often to see how you are going & inspire me so much with how brave you are, the rose garden sounds perfect Mel.

Love to you all,
Raechel xoxo

Anonymous said...

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