Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Doctors and Babies and Engagements

Well my girlfriend had a Baby Girl today...3.6kg...but no name yet. I will let her rest up and call her tomorrow and get more details. Her poor Son will be so upset, he was convinced this baby would be a boy because he has 2 sisters already...but now he has another sister.

Well we all went to the Doctors this afternoon..what a fun trip that was. I only needed a referal. Josh has had a rash for a week and today was the earliest we could get him in and we found out that he has Eczema. And John had to get a referal for a blood test and also had a growth on his arm looked at which is getting cut out next week. Teagan was the only one that didn't need anything from the Doctor...lol

Well I popped out today and bought more ink for my printer and have printed out photos...the kids are bathed and in bed and now I think it is time to scrap!

WOW! Just got a phone call from one of my Best Friends to say that she got engaged!!!...CONGRATS!!! I am very excited for you both...but I guess you could tell that when I spoke to you...lol

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lusi said...

Hi Mel,
I have missed coming by your blog. Congrats to your friends who got engaged and who had a bub too.
I love your ferries wheel photos and all your bright layouts!
I was sorry to read some of the harder stuff you've been through.
Hugs your way,
Lus x