Monday, October 16, 2006

Out of the Mouth of Kiddies

I just had to share this story.

The other night John, Teagan and I were heading out to get some dinner (Take way)...Josh was staying at a friends house for the night...anyway....

This is the part of the conversation that we had with Teagan.

She said "the other day at school I was asked what I would do if I had three wishes'.

John and I whispered at the same time - have Rani back.

Teagan continued - 'my first wish would be that Rani was still alive' - we both thought that was lovely.

'my second wish was that we could have thousands of dollars and buy a brand new mansion and new cars'.

By this stage John and I were laughing - telling her we would need hundreds of thousands just to buy a both John and Teagan decided that wish three would be that we won the lotto every

We thought it was so cute that she thought it was only thousands to get a house. The funny thing was when you think about it and the way we explained it to Teagan is that we need 400 piles of $1000 and it doesn't sound that much...LOL


Rachael said...

how adorable is she. Don't forget to scrap it.
Missed having you around sweetie - don't be a stranger

connie said...

Oh so cute Mel... Keenan says the same thimgs.... the other day he told me he cant wait until his big so he can have $ i told him to aim for a

Take care..... we have to carch up soon for a coffee and scrappin?????


Anonymous said...

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