Monday, October 02, 2006

Good and Bad

Well today has been good and bad.

Well it started last night when my sister suprised us with a huge canvas that she had printed of our one and only family photo...she was very sneaky and went through all my photos on my puter one day while we were out.

Then this morning when I checked the PO Box I had a parcel from Memories and More with my goodies from my Gallery Pick win and also a Parcel from Michelle M.

Thank you Michelle the Angel of Rememberance is beautiful. I love these Angels and have a collection of them and now have a special one to add to them. Thank You.

Well just before we went to walk up to get the kids Dad bought down an envelope addressed to John. It was her Death it was a bit sad reading it...but read what we thought...although it is depressing seeing Cause of Death liver failure, pulmonary failure and renal many poor little fighter.

Well the kids had a great first day back at school, although I don't think either of them were impressed that they got homework on the first day they were tired again tonight so another early night.

I spoke to my girlfriend this afternoon...she is going in to have bub no.4 tomorrow (c-section). I am actually looking forward to seeing this new I await the phone call tomorrow afternoon.


Jenny said...


{{{{{{HUGE HUGS}}}}}}

A beautiful photo............aren't you glad you have a sneaky sister ? :)

The Angel is beautiful, too.

Much love,


Chris Millar said...

That family photo is just fantastic Mel! What a wonderful thing for your sister to do!
Gorgeous statue from Michelle.
That must have been so hard to read the certificate - hugs.

Treezah said...

oh mel, what a lovely few surprises you've had!! i just love that canvas, it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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