Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday

my beautiful Buddha Baby.

Today Rani turns 3 and I am full of emotions.

I have been out to see her this morning, so wishing instead I was seeing delight in her face as she opens her birthday presents.

I am so grateful that she held on for her first birthday but her birthday also brings tears. Remembering how miserable she was, so bloated and uncomfortable, spiking temps and just not enjoying the day and then of course the following day she was in ICU..... but also happy memories of all the nurses and staff and friends and family that came in to see her on her birthday...the signed frame that the Nurses gave Rani takes pride of place in my lounge with a picture of all of you on her special day - i still can't thank enough the Nurses on 5W for their support while Rani was in Hospital.

but it also means that in one week it will be her 2nd anniversary and that sucks!

So birthday kisses up to heaven my baby girl...mwah XXXX


Anonymous said...

happy birthday sweet angel...xxxxx


bon said...

belated happy birthday to your princess rani
big hugs for you and your family, stay strong xxxxxx

jacqui jones said...

thinking of u guys this week

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to Beatiful Rani.
We are thinking of you all this week Mel.

lin said...

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