Saturday, May 31, 2008

My New Babies

Look at how cute they are

My little boy Frank

and his sister our little girl Georgie

they are my beautiful British Bulldogs that I have always wanted.

For a little while John and I have been discussing getting a puppy when we move and have the fences up. John called around to a couple of breeders and we were told about one locally. We really wanted a boy - our "Frank" - he had a name before we even found

So last weekend we out to see the little boy and on the way there John told me that the breeder also had a little girl left. We had always planned on getting 2 puppies but we decided to get 2 males.

Well it was love at firt sight, the breeder got both the boy and girl out and we were we went for one dog and ended up with 2. They are so cute and so different to each other. When we first saw them they were 6 weeks old. Today we went back to give them a toy and have some cuddles and it is amazing how much they have grown in one week. They aren't allowed to come home with us until they are 8 weeks old, but next weekend we will have Frank and Georgie home with us.

So we have been making sure that the backyard is dog proof...buying food, bowls, beds, etc and can't wait for next weekend.

Here are some more pics of my cuties. :)

Frank is a cuddle monster and really laid back and mellow...but like his sister he loves to attack bottoms of pants and shoelaces!

Georgie I think we are going to have to watch a little more - she is a sneaky one, even sneaking up and charging to attack my shoes and taking the toy and hiding in the

but I think they are great together and should *i hope* not get into to much mischief!


NicholegCrosbie said...

I love the new members of the family!
Glen and i always say when our old girl Lucy is gone we will have to find Mindy a new friend or she will get depressed...Glen LOVES British bull dogs and has been trying to convince me...i think i'm now cute are they!

Chrissy said...

hee hee I think they will get up to heaps of mischief Mel but I'm sure it'll be such fun with these two cuties too!! :) Congrats!

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Hi Mel, I have been reading your blog for ages, I just had to leave a comment on this post! We have an australian bulldog pup! Vey similar to the british bulldog, but the aussie version has been bred to withstand our heat in Australia. We live in the centre of NSW which gets very hot, so the aussie bulldog was a perfect choice for us. My husband has always wanted one, we first had a boxer dog which are very similar in looksand nature except much taller, his name was Butch and we had him for 10 years and lost him suddenly one awful night, 3 years on we got out aussie bulldog who we have named Rockstar. He is 10 months old, eats EVERYTHING, he even started on our air conditioner! Rockstar is such a beautiful dog, our 4 kids love him to death. You will have so much fun with your bulldog pups, they grow so strong so quick! The look so cute in their photos!
from Leah

Melanie said...

They are both so cute, I told Peter I want a bulldog when Tyson passes on. Lol