Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Unco-operative Bub!!!!

So I went for my 20 week ultrasound a couple of weeks ago with John. We were both so excited to see the bub, we always get such a thrill seeing the bub kicking about in my belly, it makes it all so real.

Well this little one had plans of its was lying right down the bottom of my pelvis on its belly and wasn't moving at all, no matter how much the lady pushed on my stomach to try and get it to co-operate. So not the clearest ultrasound that we have had...but after a trip to the toilet bub did move onto its back (briefly) and we were able to check the heart, see the gall bladder (silly things - but peace of mind for us as Rani didn't have one) so the liver looked ok and then bub moved back to the original position.

We were wrapped with the lady doing the ultrasound as she spent over an hour with us trying to get all the measurements and check everything, so we were very happy to leave knowing that we are having a healthy bub.

Before you ask...NO we didn't find out what it is - even if we wanted to I don't think this little one was going to give away his/her you will just have to wait like the rest of

Here are the best of the ultrasound pics.

Not going to share the 4d shots as they are just plain


Chrissy said...

Awwww! Won't be long Mel and you'll know for sure what that secret is!! :)

Happy hugs to you love!
Chrissy x

bon said...

glad to hear it alll went well, and bub is healthy :)
heres to an uneventful rest of the pregnancy!

Melanie said...

Im so glad that bubba is growing nice and healthy. I can't believe you are over half way there, where did that time go? lol