Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Evolving Frontyard

Well the front yard is coming along, slowly...of course as much as we need the rain I would like it to go away so our landscaper can finish our driveway and start on the would love to get grass out the back instead of mud, especially with 2 puppies!

But it is exciting seeing the front yard come together.

I think the last photos I shared we were ready for the concrete to be poured for the driveway

Well now the link block retaining wall has been finished and all the pavers are almost in - very hard to try and lay pavers on mortar when it is pouring rain and even more difficult to cut them in the is meant to be fine most of this week, so hopefully we will have a lot done this coming week.

So some pics!

The concrete laid for the driveway and retaining wall.

Kev the

The retaining wall and letterbox

The start of the pavers on the driveway

What else...

my little man is growing to fast for me, being my last bub I want him to stay a little bub is already starting to teeth and he is only 12 weeks old (my earliest teether) that is making him miserable add to that his immunisation and he wasn't happy the last couple of day...I will do another post with pics of him.

The bigger kiddies, well they are off to camp tomorrow - a whole week away - so no school run again until I have to pick them up on Friday - it will be so peaceful and lonely here without them.

The puppies - well they are little mischief makers, but also so much fun, they are slowly learning the rules of the house and I will be happy when the backyard is finished and they can spend more time outside.

Well we have John's parents down this weekend - not the nicest weather to do anything but I think they are just enjoying spending time with the grankiddies.

House - well I think that everything that was faulty has almost been fixed, just some more touch up work to be done...although we are gathering another list for the 3 month now that things are getting done I am beginning to enjoy the house a bit more...and we have only a handful of boxes to unpack so the house is definately feeling more homie, well I have the best pressure to finish unpacking as I am having a Tupperware party next weekend and it is being held in the family room where all the boxes were so I needed to finish the boxes for the new couches to be now I have an empty family room with new couches and no stress before the Tupperware

i have finally found a desk for my scrapping room and have been filling all my shelves with my has been like Christmas finding things that I forgot I had. Also the scrapping bug has finally hit (now that I have a place to scrap) and I will share my LO's in my next post.


Anonymous said...

wow the house is looking fab! Cant wiat to see the pages

enjoy the time with just Kai and John this week

Melanie said...

Im glad to hear the house is coming along now Mel. Is that a stunning sunset I can see reflecting in the front windows?