Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So its the New Year

and I am not saying anything for this i think I cursed myself by saying 2006 was going to be my year, everything was going to go my way....well...that certainly didn't pan out the way I had nothing is being said this year...i don't need another 2006.

We had a lovely New Years we spent it at my friends new house and I got to spend New Years with 2 of my best friends from High school. It was so relaxing we sat out the back and had a few drinks not to many as I had to drive home) a bbq dinner and I didn't see josh and teagan until it was time to go home. it was fantastic, there were other kiddies there around there age and although they had never met before they all got along so well together and played all night. But naughty me took my camera and didn't take one photo.

I am a bit sad as my sisters trip is almost over...we had a BBQ dinner tonight as she wanted one before she went back home and then tomorrow night she is on the plane and heading back to cold London.

We also had some family photos taken on Saturday as part of Mum and Dads Christmas Present...we thought we would take advantage of having Danielle has also been 23 years since we have had any professional photos taken of the 6 of us. Plus we also got some of my now Mum has heaps of pics of us.

We ended up getting as our freebie one of Mums 4 kids of Mum and Dad... one of the 6 of us...and one with 4 individual photos on the same sheet of each of my siblings...and one of Nana and Grandpa with Josh and Teagan and one with all 9 of us together then for me we got one of John and I, one of Josh and Teagan, one of the 4 of I will have a more up to date family photo.

We have decided to try and keep it more up to date perhaps getting more shots when the rest of my sisters and brother get married and start having their own little ones.

I went out to Lilydale again today to say Hello to my girl and clear all the dead roses from her plaque. It is still not real and I don't feel that she is there when I go out there...even though I know it is where her ashes lay. I do believe that she is in my heart and not out i will go to Lilydale every now and then but if I want to talk to her I will just do i know that she can hear me from where ever I am as she is with me always.

Well not much else happening..John didn't get any time off over and is working 7 days a week at the it is making it hard with the we are trying to plan a weekend trip away just so the kids can say they went somewhere over the


connie said...

Hay Mel, sounds like you guys had a really great NYE!!.. ours was pretty boring...but just right!!
bummer about John having to owrk 7 days!!.. Mark just finished working 7 days... back to 6 now!! we are use to NOT going anywhere over school holidays..
Take care....


Chrissy said...

Can't wait to see how the piccies turned out sweetie! I bet your mum was so touched by such a wonderful pressie. :-)

Your baby girl will always be with you hon, to talk to and love, she's with us all.

Hugs as always!
Chrissy xx

Anonymous said...

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