Saturday, January 13, 2007

I actually....

slept next to my husband last got called in early to work and so he was home at 11.30pm...rather than getting ready to walk out the door. It was funny to start with as usually I lay right on the edge of my side of the bed...but with the last couple of months having the bed all to myself I have been spreading right across the bed and last night I had to to make matters worse it was the worst night sleep I have had in John was way over tired as soon as his head hit the pillow he was snoring and I went out and watched TV until 3am when I finally started to feel tired again and thankfully he stopped snoring long enough for me to fall asleep...but then he got up at 7am and I slept soundly all by myself in our big bed until I was woken up for I guess when he stops working nights it will take alot of adjusting to get used to having 2 people in bed

OK thought I would share...not really that exciting but John and I thought it was


Chrissy said...

*sigh* I sooooo understand about the snoring hubby love! LOL I've had the bed all to myself too with Michael overseas the past few weeks, well he came home yesterday and it was back to having that freight train in my ears again all night! Oh dear! LOL

I miss him so much while he's away but I don't miss the snoring! ;-)*giggle*

Peta.. said...

i too know what you mean about the snoring Mel..
Brendan ALWAYS falls asleep on the lounge, so thats why i 'sneak' off to bed making sure he doesn't hear me. Then when he snores so loud to wake himself up and come to bed, im already asleep... lol
its a great plan & has worked a treat for almost 10yrs now... lol
*oopss bad wife, bad wife* sorry.. :o)

Alisha73 said...

Hahaha I dont know how I would go if I had to go to bed after Trev got there..I do the same as Peta and go to sleep before he gets to bed.
And on your last post saying Thank you to everyone...Vent away Mel..thats what blogs are great for people will read if they want and you have many people here willing to listen and give some excellent advise too when you ask for it. Im glad to hear you vent the way you did and Im also glad to hear it made you feel a little better.

I hope you guys have a great long week end.

lisa :) said...

oh no poor mel! that's the story of my life... i love for friday night when i know jason is working a double shift & i know i will actually sleep in peace and quiet!!!

excellent that he was home though :)

Tassie Deb said...

Oh Mel - it does take some adjusting to - I know!! I am into my 5th week of day work and still having big probs with sharing the bed when I used to have it to myself every second week :)

Take care sweetie

Luv 'n hugs
TD xoxox

Anonymous said...

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