Monday, January 29, 2007

An Update

Well it has been a while since I have blogged!!!

Lets see from my last post we have been to Sally and Kevin's Engagement Party, it was a great night of catching up with friends and their families. It was a shame about the weather as it rained off and on, so was majorly muggy...but everyone had a great time, especially the kids who were loving jumping in puddles and in the mud...I know my 2 came home

Then we have just got back from a little trip away. Our first little holiday in a year. It was kind of bittersweet as this time last year was our last holiday and we took Rani on her one and only holiday. It was nice to spend time - just the 4 of us and have John awake during the day!... We headed up to Ballarat for a couple of day and just had a nice relaxing trip, kicking back in the heated and enclosed swimming pool at the Motel - thank goodness it was enclosed as it was cold! We were in walking distance to Soveriegn Hill so we spent a day there and ate and don't think I need to eat for a month. But all in all it was lovely to spend time as a family having lots of laughs.

Well the monsters are back at school on Wednesday - so today they had their hair cut and got new school shoes and tomorrow Nana is taking them to the movies while I get to label all their books. They are both excited about going back to School and seeing their friends - and just quietly I am happy for them to


Chris Millar said...

Hi Mel! Glad you had a lovely little trip away to Ballarat! I had to giggle about it being cold - typical Ballarat!
Hope the kids enjoy going back to school on Wednesday!

connie said...

Hay Mel... looks like you guys had some fun!!!!... did ya find any

im with about school... cant wait until tomorrow morning... no more and i mean kids by the WHOLE neighbourhood has been at my place the whoile school holidays... about 8 kids a day!!!..

one more day to go!!!!


Rachael said...

Oh ya!!! I love love Soverign Hill. Glad to hear you had a lovely time - well deserved break I say.


Anonymous said...

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