Monday, January 15, 2007

Stupid Computers

I think my computer is getting ready to go bye byes (as the lids is making horrible noises, being really slow and not letting me comment on peoples blogs....and I am missing emails but I am guessing that is probably our if I haven't replied to an email I may not have got it!

So yesterday I spent most of the day saving my photos and treasure things from this computer on to an external hard drive....I feel so much better having done it now and I am going to hope on Johns computer and burn everything onto DVD as well just to be on the safe side...I have nightmares about losing pics...especially of my precious Rani...i am even to scared to delete them of the memory card in my cameras. So I guess I will have to start looking for a new puter soon...they just don't last long enough is only 5 years old...

Well yesterday Mum went and picked up our family photos we had done at Christmas time...I am happy with most of them except for the all in photo as it is a very dark background and with us having dark hair we just kind of blend into the background...but once it is framed I am sure we won't notice it....this is my favourite photo.

and this is cute as well :)

Well nothing else exciting to share....


Alisha73 said...

I cant believe how much more grown up Teagan looks..the photos are great. I know John doesnt have a huge amount of time but if the puter is playing up get him to drop it off to Trev to see if he can do anything for you.

That Family photo is brilliant in B&W you should be proud of it.

connie said...

what a gorgeous family Mel... love these pics!!!...will look great in your new house!!!

What kind of external hard drive do you have??.. cause im looking at getting one to store all my pics on too!!... but not sure what to get as when it comes to puters im soooo DUMB!!!

Chrissy said...

LOVE the piccies sweetie, just beautiful of you guys! I bet you do feel good having saved all your precious pics off the puter now, I need to back mine up myself too, I lost some when the other computer had an attack, still feel sad about that! *sigh*

Love Chrissy xx

Michelle B said...

What gorgeous photos Mel! You and your family are such a spunky bunch!

And yes I agree that a back up of the precious things on your computer is definitely a good idea. My HDD died a few months ago and I nearly had a heart attack at the thought of losing all those photos. Fortunately it paid to be married to the Apple tech and he retrieved everything for me. Of course, now I back up regularly :)

Take Care
Michelle B

parkyslot said...

What a lovely Photo Mel, you all look fabulous in these photos.
You do need to back up your photos very important and very precious so as not to lose them.

Take care ((HUGS)) to you all

Tassie Deb said...

Love, love, love those portraits Mel. The family one is divine.

Luv 'n hugs
TD xoxoxo

Rachael said...

I love the photo - gee wizz the kids are growing fast! Thanks for the reminder - I need to back up my photos too. I'd hate to lose any. We give a copy to both sets of our parents so, God forbid, if anything did ever happen then there are some safe in other places.


Anonymous said...

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