Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Slow Week!!!

This week has dragged on so long that it is only Wednesday night and I feel like it should be Friday.

Perhaps it is the hot weather and that I am like a sloth on the couch and not moving...or the almost 20 hours I seem to be awake during the day no matter how much I try to sleep...but this has been the slowest week.

At least the next couple of day I will be moving so they may to go out tomorrow and buy an engagement present for Sal and Kevs Engagement Party on Saturday night..if I was smart I would have done it while I had a kiddie free afternoon on Tuesday when Mum took Josh and Teagan to see Happy Feet...oh well.

On Friday Josh and Teagan are going for a play and stay at friends that have got back from overseas...they have 2 children about the same ages of Josh and Teagan - one of them is in Josh's class and their help was amazing while Rani was in Hospital taking the kids at a seconds notice and keeping them for days, it was a great relief to know the kids were safe and happy - they love having sleep overs there...although Teagan was a bit scared the first time after Rani passed away as she was scared that something bad was going to happen...but once we guaranteed her it was a fun sleep over she was happy...

Then next weekend we are off to Ballarat for 2 nights of fun and relaxation as a family...i am really looking forward to will be so nice just to get away for a couple of days...then before you know it the kids will be back at school again.

Also have started the dreaded "d' well not really a diet, more just trying to get fitter as I still weigh the same as I did when I had Rani. So I have been walking for at least 20 minutes a day on my treadmill...but learnt a valuable body was craving chocolate so I gave in and had a chocolate bar then about 20 minutes later went on a power walk on the treadmill and felt so sick all i won't be giving into urges..or if i do I will make it up

I am so JEALOUS reading blogs of everyone that is off to Kiwi wish I was going as well...hopefully the next one...


Amie said...

Hi Mel,

Its been abit like that this week I woke up thinking it was Friday.

Have a good few days away.


bon said...

i hope you all have a fantastic trip away..
It will be great to all spend some quality time.

Julie said...

Enjoy your trip away Mel. You and me can wish together to be at Kiwi scraps next year.

Julie said...

Hi Melissa.
I'm just a lurker that fell upon you blog tonight through someone elses link and hope you don't mind me leaving a comment. I was so touched that i back tracked and read your story of your family's last 12+ months and your precious little girl.
I have smiled and cried for over an hour or two; and just want to say what an amazing family you are supporting each other and giving strength to keep on going.
May the short time spent with your little angel bring you a lifetime of precious memories and your love for each other help take the sadness away.
Kind regards,
Julie C

Anonymous said...

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