Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sad Day!!!!

Today was the day that we put Rani's ashes into the ground...our final good bye...

We went down to Lilydale at4.45pm and picked up rani's ashes from the office then met mum, Dad, my 2 sisters and brother at Rani's plaque.

The people at llydale had lready dug a hole in front of her plaque, so we said our goodbyes and Teagan placed rani into the hole and we all placed some dirt in and then put the grass back on top. Then early in the day Mum had got some roses and gave us two each to place in the vases. I also placed a buddah above her plaque to watch over her.

It was kind of sad, but to me she lives on in my heart and not at Lilydale, if that make sense.

Then we all went out to dinner and some drinks to celebrate Mum's birthday as we were at Teagan's Dancing Concert on the night of her birthday.


Chris Millar said...

It's a beautiful plaque Mel. What a sad day. It's something that every parent hopes to never have to do.

Peta..xx said...

Oh Mel, i was thinking of you & your family today.
What a beautiful place Lilydale looks and i know Rani will be in your heart forever, she touched many people (even those that you or she never knew).. She will be watching over you always...

Happy birthday to your mum...xx

parkyslot said...

Hi Mel

I too was thinking of you and your sister and family today.
Its a lovely plaque I personally dont know Lilydale but it looks just lovely. Rani, will be in your hearts forever and she touched so many of us in different wasy. She will never be forgot.
She will now be watching over you all and finally resting in peace.
Be strong and hope you have a safe and prosperous 2007

Cheers Lynn (Parky) (((HUGS)))

Debbie Y said...

Mel I can only begin to imagine how hard today was for you all, but now your little princess can rest peacefully and watch over you always.

I wonder if she knows how many lives she touched during her all too brief time on this earth? I hope so.


Julie said...

Your little girl will always be with you Mel.

Big hugs Missy.

nbeltane said...

yesterday was the anniversary of my neices birth/death she was born at 28 weeks. when i wasnt thinking of bonnie, i was thinking of rani and your memorial. 2 beautiful angels forever in our heart always in our thoughts. hugs to you mel, and thinking of you.


Treezah said...

We were thinking of you yesterday, sending out love vibes.
Rani will always be with you, her memorial plaque is just beautiful. The buddha is a lovely addition.
I hope you enjoy the rest of Danielle's visit and belated birthday wishes to your mum!

lisa :) said...

The plaque is beautiful Mel. I completely understand what you mean... Enjoys your Sister's visit and Happy Birthday Mum :)

Love Lisa xx

Tassie Deb said...

Dearest Mel - you were in my thoughts yesterday. Such a beautiful plaque, and a gorgeous buddha, and rest assured Princess Rani will live on in our hearts forever.

Luv n hugs
TD xoxoxo

Chrissy said...

The biggest and most comforting of hugs to you sweetie, what a sad day. Wishing there was s'thing I could do, you know I'm here anytime you need me love.

Chrissy xx

Alisha73 said...

I'm glad to see the weather was ok for you yesterday. How right you are..Rani is only one thought away she is in your heart forever, she is in the lovley memories you have. I will leave my thoughts and love with her and a pretty flower next time we are down there. Our love to you all Mel and I hope 2007 brings you some smiles.

Shelley said...

Dear Mel and your Gorgeous Family,
I'm sending big hugs to you all, You were all in my thoughts yesterday. I totally understand that Rani is in your Heart forever and i'm sure she will be watching over you all Forever too. Princess Rani's plaque is gorgeous and the spot at Lillydale looks so peaceful too. Teagan took a very big part in the Memorial Yesterday, what a big girl you are Teagan.
Hugs to you all,
Take Care,
Shelley Turner.

scrap-yourself-silly said...

Mel, you know I was thinking of you yesterday too. The words on Rani's plaque are beautiful. *Hugs*

Lynne said...

Heartbreaking Mel.

The joyful, smiling face in Rani's photo is also imprinted in the hearts of all who followed her through this blog.

What a beautiful little girl. So sorry, not just today. We will remember your bright Rani.

bon said...

my thoughts are with you. The plaque is very nice, and a beautiful photo. Whet a beautiful place to go and be with your little princess, though she will be with you always. I hope 2007 is a little happier for you and your family.