Saturday, December 02, 2006

A New Day

Well yesterday I think I should have just stayed in

Firstly i promised the kiddies that when they got home from school we would put up the Christmas Tree. well as some of you know we are living with Mum and Dad at the moment and most of our stuff is under the house in storage.

Well after dropping the kiddies at school I came home and headed under the house. From the door i could see the box for the Christmas Tree as I had asked John to keep it near the i grabbed that out...but no sight of the life was kind of hell when we were told we had to move the removalist packed everything up for i have no idea where most of my stuff after looking as much as i could I have to assume that they have put my box of decorations into a larger box.

No problem i think to myself as I wanted new decorations with a colour i guess that would be starting this year and when we find the box of decorations I will take out the important decorations and throw out the rest. So off to the shops I go and I just bought a little bit of tinsel and some baubles.

When we got home it was almost time to get the kiddies from school so i thought I would set the tree up on the ground with the branches in the order that they get put on the tree. WELL the box is half empty and I only have a couple of the branches in the box...all we canassume is that because the box was overflowing rather than squash the branches, the removalist have put the rest of the branches into another box...ARGH!!! it is back to the shops today to buy a new Christmas Tree....just what I needed.

Couple that with a son (who is turning 10 Xmas Eve) and still has no idea what he wants for his birthday or Christmas...i am getting mighty stressed

Although on Thursday night my family took me out for my belated Birthday Dinner to our favourite Chinese Restaurant - we have been going there since I was little - and we had a great night out and lots of laughs - so that was nice.

Also I am doing a major scrap clean up and getting rid of excess / must have item and have placed them on Ebay - check out the link in the side bar or click here.

Also thank you everyone for your kind words about my last post :)


Tassie Deb said...

Mel, hope the kidlings had a ball with the new tree. Ours is still not up :(

I can so realte to the Josh problem.

TD xoxox

Anonymous said...

dont forget to take a pic of the new tree dor us too see!!!

Take care of yourself... and if you ever need to chat you know where i am... im home most days!!!

Anonymous said...

I can really relate to the "box" dramas! When Dad was very ill we hurriedly moved back home and I had no idea for ages where anything was! *sigh* When things were finally settled I "rediscovered" lots of old treasures, it was just like Christmas!! (pardon the pun)

No tree up for us yet, don't forget to take piccies of your new one sweetie!

Love and hugs!
Chrissy xx

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while Mel, you are a very brave person and I just cant imagine what you are going through. I hope you have a lovely christmas with your family.

bon said...

hi mel,
i hope you and yours have a really fantastic christmas..
i love that pic of you in the city too!!! we're having night pics in the city after the wedding, and that's one of the places i was thinking of, so it was gr4at to see the lights and all that.
gotta love birthdays near christmas, my youngest son is the 21st.....
take care. :)

Rachael said...

OMG what a pain but how lovely that you get to start over - what did you end up getting???