Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Well 2 posts in one day...aren't you

well it is getting closer and closer to Chrsitmas and I am really not getting into the Christmas Spirit at all. Josh had me stressed out for birthday and Christmas presents (all sorted now) - I only have the rest of teh family to buy

Plus of course my sister is arriving on the 19th and as excited as I am about seeing her I am saddened at the reason she is I constantly have in the back of mind the memorial service we will be holding for Rani. I got a phone call for the Cremetorium yesterday to say that her placque had been placed in the Rose Garden but there was a mistake, the hadn't set aside the area for her photo - but they put the plaque in as they knew that we needed for my sister. After having coffee with a friend this morning (and more little bubba cuddles) I headed down to Lilydale and saw the plaque - it was very strange, i felt nothing...i was quite anxious driving down but reading the plaque didn't upset me. I explained it to John that i guess atm her ashes aren't there so she isn't there and also she is in my heart and if I want to talk to her I just do it, I don't need one place to visit here..if that makes sense. well the plaque to me didn't look to bad, there is a space for the photo but it hasn't been raised. while I was down at Lilydale the lady from their called home to say that her photo had arrived and whether we want it placed on this plaque or to wait until the new one arrives. I will call her tomorrow and work it out.

OK some happier news, on Sunday i got the exciting news that I had been accepted on to the OTP section of Scrapbooking 4 Less Design Team....I can't wait to start :)

I have been feeling really run down lately...tired constantly and not able to sleep. well it all caught up with me on Tuesday...i just couldn't keep my eyes open and slept all day. i was going to have a little nap and head of to the City - Federation Square and watch Teagan sing in the School Choir but didn't get up until 3pm. thankfully a friend and and took photos of Teagan while she was taking pics of her daughter.

also after doing all the pages for the school's album I finally did a LO for me. this is my challenge LO for 123 Challenge. you had to use B&W photo/s, starts and ribbon and i am really happy with how it turned out.


Anonymous said...

Love your page for the 123 chal Mel. I'm going to be working on mine over the weekend hopefully.

Big hugs to Missy.

Tassie Deb said...

Fantastiac lo Mel - love it :)

Congrats on the OTP DT position - cant wait to work with you :)

Look after yourself sweetie

Luv 'n hugs
TD xoxox

Anonymous said...

Love this Mel... and i went and check out 123 challenge... very cool may have to give this a go

take care..

lusi said...

Hi lovely Mel :)
Thanks for visiting today. Love that 'Love u ' lo -really gorgeous photos and great colour scheme.
Congrats on your DT placement too.
Thinking of you guys with Rani's memorial :)
Lus x

Anonymous said...

Congrats sweetie on the DT possie! :-) Sounds like heaps of fun for you!

Hugs and love as always!
Chrissy xx