Saturday, December 16, 2006


why do I do silly

OK so John works nights and instead of going to bed for an hour and then getting woken up at midnight I stay up until he leaves. We the other night there was nothing on TV and I stopped on a show about a family that runs a Funeral Home...well I have seen it before and think that it is funny...the bickering that is...but this nights show was a little baby that they were arranging the funeral for...i was in tears but decided that I had to be strong and watch it rather than turn the channel...even telling John not to watch...John eventually turned the channel...but I don't know why I couldn't / wouldn't change the channel. Was I finding some relief in being able to relate to the families pain...understanding what the people behind the scenes did and seeing their emotions to it all...I don't know all I know that it has put me down in the dumps even more...that today I didn't even get out of my PJ's.

Well on to other stuff...enough depressing stuff.

Being the bad mummy that I am I forgot to take photos of the kiddies on Friday when they had their 'crazy dress' day at school. they had to take a tin of food for the Salvation Army. Josh wore his t-shirt and pants backwards, had odd socks on and his jacket was inside out. Teagan on the other hand wore her clothes normally except for the odd socks and also wore a purple cape and footy hat. Some of the other kiddies at school went really crazy, with undies on the outside of their pants, fancy dress really was a sight to see.

So I dropped Josh and Teagan off at School and went straight to the shops...9.15am and the car park was already 1/2 full. I was shopping for found myself a pair of earrings that are from my sister for our KK and also a pair of shoes that is for our cousins KK - as my brother was buying for me it was easier for me to just buy them andhim give me the money...then I also found a cute pair of shoes to go with the dress that I bought for Christmas Day.

So I think I am almst ready...after finally sorting out the kiddies...I just have Mum and Dad (but we are all going in for that), Johns parents, John present from the kiddies and my Nana so not to much more...I am hitting the shops first thing Monday morning and not leaving until it is all done.

I am getting very excited as Danielle arrives the wee hours of tuesday morning...i am guessing that everyone will be having nana naps during the day as that night is teagan dancing concert - plus it is also Mums birthday.

Well I guess that is about it...still no scrapping, hopefully once the madness of Christmas and Rani's Memorial is over...iwill feel a little less stressed, a little more human and in the mood to scrap.

EVERYONE give your kiddies an extra cuddle tonight and tell them how much you love them... while I was in the jewellery store I was listening to a mother telling her maybe 4 year old daughter that she could go and live somewhere else that she had had enough...the poor little thing was already in tears as she lost her mum when she came into the shop and then to be told that. i wanted to shake the woman and tell her to love her as one day she could be gone. I didn't say a thing although I did give her a Chrsitmas time is a frustrating time to be at the shops but I really don't like hearing that stuff out of mothers mouths...ok off my soap box now.

Thanks everyone for their lovely comments here and on email :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you are getting your shopping done Mel.

It would of been hard for you watching that show on the tv. Hugs missy.

Every night I always let Asher know how much I love her even if she has been a little rat bag like today.

Anonymous said...

Mel, you are constantly in my thoughts

Luv 'n hugs
TD xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Mel, i think you should have shook that lady until her brains rattled back into it's sockets!
Children are a precious gift of live & your right you should tell them everyday how much you love them & appreciate matter what.
Hope to see you all soon

Anonymous said...

Sending you strength and love sweetie!

Chrissy xx

Anonymous said...

Hi lovely :)
Thanks for all your beautiful comments on my blog...i've enjoyed seeing them there so much!
thinking of you as danielle arrives and sending bug hugs and lots of prayers your way!
love Lus x

Rachael said...

sending lots of love xoxoxo

Alisha73 said...

I saw that show too Mel, and thought of you guys straight away. The guys that started getting tearful made me teary thinking about your family. I hope Danielle has a safe trip over and all goes smoothly for you on the 28th.

Merry Christmas

Alisha, Trev, Nathan and Caitlyn

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