Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Future Salespeople

What a great night we had tonight.

All year both Josh and Teagans Year Levels have been working on an ongoing assignment. it started when they had a visit from a woodworker and they made the cut outs for a car. then they decorated them, made them motorised and then finally had to sell them.

Tonight was their presentation night and all the students had a little stand to try and sell their cars. they had to have a little sales pitch, point out the features and what makes theirs better than others.

All the children did fantastically, selling their cars to everyone whether they knew them or not. There are definately some future sale people out

It was great to see the different takes the children took on selling their cars. some were handing out business cards, some were giving out lollies, one of Josh's friends even had a computer presentation...the prices made us laugh as well (although no money was handed over) the kiddies were left to decide all the images for flyers and logos, information, pricing etc on their the cars varied from $3.00 to $ was selling hers for $25.35 and Josh's was $20.50.

Here are some pics of Teagan at her stand as their years cars were out on display and Josh holding his packaged car and showing it to Nana and Grandpa.

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