Monday, November 27, 2006

Birthday weekend

OK now that I have bought myself another keyboard for the pute i can actually space bar decided that it would of hard to type without a space bar....

Lets see Saturday

John and i left after lunch and firstly headed to the kiddies school to vote :( then we were on our way to the City. We parked the car at the Casino as it was the cheapest parking and walked about 5 minutes to our Hotel.

We stayed at the Rendezvous Hotel, it was beautiful. We put our bags in the room and headed into the City for some retail therapy. we walked through little Malls until we reached bourke Street Mall...had a look around and kept walking to Melbourne Central. I bought myself a smaller handbag for going out (one of my birthday presents from Mum). It was now 5pm and the shops were closing so we walked down to Federation Square had a look around - I personally don't see what is so great about it and then we headed back to the hotel.

We rested our feet for a while, as i think we walked a couple of K'

Then we got ready and headed back to the Casino....we had planned on eating at a Restaurant in the Casino, but didn't make a booking and the line was we walked around for a while finding that every restaurant had huge lines and ended up eating in the food

Then John went off for an hour to play poker and I played the pokies and we both came out with wins. We decided to take our wins and run. we walked along Southbank and Southgate, i took some photos of the lights of the city and realised that i really need to learn more of the features of my headed back to the room.

OK here I am on a bridge over the water overlooking Flinders Street Station...this is also the reason that i am behind the is a blurry photo taken by John but i kind of like it :)

We were rudely woken by John's boss calling at 9am on sunday morning, our one morning that we were kid free and could sleep in and the most annoying thing it wasn't even urgent...grrr...we did manage to get anothers hour sleep before checking out.

We got the car and headed off to the Queen Vic Markets. we picked up heaps of bargains. i bought a dress and top, bought an outfit each for josh and teagan and also a Christmas present for one of our friends bubs, plus John got some runners, a jacket and shirt.

finally it was time to head back home and to kids didn't seem to miss us at made Chocolate Crackles with Nana, they played games, had McDonalds for dinner and on Sunday went to kick the soccer ball around at the park.

I completely forgot about my LO for the Scrap World Comp I was in - 'Scrap and the City' and rushed the LO as it had to be uploaded by 8pm. i didn't make it through to the next round which was the final round but am proud of the fact that I made it through to round 7 of 8. two of my LO's from the Comp...

Now to get back to my LO's i am doing for the School. Each year Scrapping Mums get given photos from that years school production and we each scrap pages for an album that is displayed in the office. i have only done 2 of the 6 LO's, so i want to get those finished before i start making the kiddies teachers presents and some other Christmas present...i have a feeling that I am not going to get everything finished :(


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh the Queen Vic markets!! How I loved that place!! LOL Went shopping with a girlfriend in Melb a few years back and we bought so much gear in the end we bought a trolley suitcase there, loaded our new bags with all the goodies and kept going! LOL Too fun! They were the days! *grin*

So glad the kids enjoyed their time with Nanna and that you had some wonderful time alone!

Hugs Miss Mel! :-)

Love Chrissy xx

Anonymous said...

glad you had a great weekend away and that the kids had fun too.

Love the pages they look great.

Crissy Gaylor said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic Birthday Weekend! Love your gorgeous layouts!

Alisha73 said...

Happy Birthday Mel. Its good to have a little get away every now and then even if it isnt miles from home. I hope you had a really good birthday and a great week end..seems like you did :-)