Sunday, November 05, 2006


This weekend is an extra long weekend for us. Except for John who has to work Monday. The kiddies have Monday off school as a Curriculum Day and then Tuesday for Melbourne Cup Day, so i am looking forward to a couple more stress free day of not worrying about getting the kids off to school.

We have had a lovely kick back weekend. Josh and Teagan had 'wear your pyjamas to school day' on Friday and Teagan hasn't gotten out of them all

My cousin, her hubby and their kids came over for a couple of drinks and pizza on Friday was nice to catch up with them all. Well we catch up every couple of months - but it was nice for Dad and John to see them all.

My cousin gave me my birthday present early as we probably won't see each other again until Christmas. A beautiful little girl charm - she actually got one for me, my sister and my mum - for all of our birthdays. So my little girl will go on my necklace next to my 'R'.

Saturday was a complete vegge out day - everyone stayed in their PJ's all day - ok not John, just me, Josh and Teagan. Mum and Dad went to a Wedding, my sister went to an engagement party and we had the house to Fish and Chips for dinner and some DVD's topped of our relaxing Saturday.

Josh has gone for a play at his friends house today and on Tuesday he is off to the Races with some other school friends so it has been a quiet Sunday. You can really tell who is the chatterbox inthis house - it is always so quiet when he is not

Here is what I did on Saturday - a hanging open album that I bought at Paperific after I saw Connie's - we went back in and bought am pleased with the way it turned out.


Chrissy said...

Oh Mel gotta love a lazy weekend! We're having one too! LOL

Love the hanging albumn sweetie, I have a couple of different ones here to do myself over the next week or so, yours is gorgeous love!

Hugs Chrissy xx

Alisha73 said...

Dont you love those kinda dayz,vegging out in your PJ's..I try to have one a week :-)
John didnt tell us he was back at work..say congratz from us.
Been reading all your new posts and Im glad to see you are back scrapping again. We got a new puppy (yes another) 2 weeks ago so more photos for me to take and new pages to scrap.

Chrissy said...

Hey sweetie me again! LOL I just noticed your side bar... DT for SYS!! A big congrats honey! How did I miss that?! Oh dear I must be losing my memory now I'm officially OLD this week!! *giggle*

Well done babe!
Love Chrissy xx

connie said...

Hay Mel.. LOVELOVE your hanging ablum.. turned out FANTASTIC!!... will have to get my butt going and do mine now!!!!
What a unreal weekend uguys had!!!! wish mine was like that.. i need sleep..
Hope to see u guys soon

Jenelle said...


What a great relaxing weekened!!! We do that nearly all the times, just wish so many people wouldn't ring our door bell, I would stay in my PJ's too!!

Glad to hear that you've been scrappin, and also I love the hanging open album, looks great, and all the photos of "princess Rani".


Rachael said...

congrats on all the scrapping - awesome to see some of your stuff. Don't know if I've congratulated you yet on your latest happy scrap event - the position on the DT! Well done sweetie. Love Love Love that hanging album - must get one for myself. xoxoxo

Peta..xx said...

your long weekend of vegin out sounds just divine to me Mel..
wish i could of joined you and stayed in my pj's for the whole weekend.. lol

i love your little charm, she is very cute..
And your wall hanging, it looks fantastic, you have done an excellent job with it..

*congrats* on your DT position too, thats great news...

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