Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Lovely Weekend

Well we had a fabulous family weekend..


We went to another School Fete - and the weather actually got quite we had a bit of a look around, got to see a Police Car, Ambulance, Fire Truck and SES Truck up close and personal...luckily as the Fire Truck was arriving, one of the Stall had a little fire and they put it out. The lines for the rides were way to long but being that it was such a wonderful day we decided to go down to a park about 20 minutes from home. The kids and I usually meet my cousin and her kiddies down there during the School Holidays, so John had never been there. It is a huge park with a great big fort playground, plenty of grass areas, paths and a pond and lake. The lake is full of ducks and you can catch padpoles there.
I was a bit sad as the last time I went to the park I had Rani home and was remembering how excited she was to see the ducks. So Josh and Teagan had a huge play, we went for a walk, the kiddies tried to catch tadpoles, walked the rest of the park and saw a couple gettig married and went home.


We headed off to Jorja's 1st Birthday Party at Connies. It was looking kind of horrible weather wise when we left but we were all hot in pants as when the Sun came out it had some heat to it. Josh and Teagan had a ball as they had a Jumping Castle out the back, Connies Husband was wrapped when John said that he would cook the BBQ and then again I got emotional. I was watching little Jorja and sitting next to Teagan when she said 'Rani would be doing that' and then she went off to the Jumping Castle. Well the tears came again and I had to hide in Connies bedroom. John came in to comfort me.

I love to see other kiddies happy and healthy and new bubbas etc...but sometimes it just reminds me of what I am/will miss with Rani and it this week with finalising everything has been a horrible week so I am happy to see it end.

Well I best be off and pack up some scrapping supplies as I am off to scrap with a girlfriend tommorrow - although I don't know whether I will scrap or cuddle her little bubba :)


Anonymous said...


You will always have the thoughts of Rani. You will never forget her, but at least you can remember all the good times such as when Rani was excited about the ducks.

I am glad that you took the time out and went to the fete with your family. What lovely photos you have there too.


Anonymous said...

Heya lovey, BIG HUGGY CUDDLES!! It's been a difficult week I know, wish I was there...

Much love!
Chrissy xx

connie said...

hay Mel... so gald to see you guys again on the weekend!!!
Love then pics of the kids and John with the ducks sooo cute... cant wait to see them scrapped!!!
Hope u had a great day scrappin' with u friend on monday!!!
Take care..
talk soon...

Jenny said...

Hi Mel,

haven't been in for a little while. Glad you had a good time out with John and the kids. Always a good smile bringer and heart warmer when everyone enjoys the day :)

Hope you managed to have a nice quiet cuddly, scrappy day on Monday..............enough so that you repeat it soon.....

Love and huggles,