Monday, November 20, 2006

Long Time - No Update

Well it has been a while since I updated. Just been feeling BLAH! this week. It is getting so close to Christmas and seeing all the cute little toys I would have been getting Rani for Christmas is bringing me down. Plus the weather has been horrible...pouring with rain, hail and now today it is hot...go figure.

I have not been motivated to scrap and just seem to be finishing swaps, CJ's, ATC's ect and don't feel that I am scrapping for myself. Although I did got to a girlfriends on Monday to scrap, so that got me a little motivated.

Looking forward to this weekend, as John and I are going out on Saturday night - kiddie free and staying in the City for my that will be nice.

Lets see what has been happening at our place...

I seem to be spending every waking minute either in the shops or going through catalogues to try and find fussy 8 and almost 10 year old Christmas presents...couple this with Josh's Birthday Christmas Eve - I can't believe I will have a double digits boy this year - haven't even started to think about anyone elses presents....

We were shocked to see Santa in the Shopping Centre on Sunday - but took advantage of it and got our yearly Santa photo - although Josh didn't want to this year. It is getting so expensive for the photos $24.95 for 2 photos....I think we might get another one.

I thik the main reason Josh didn't want his photo taken is at School on Thursday he tripped over and stopped himself with his face, so has lots of scabs on his face and you can see them in the when it is clear we will do another one. Although he did ask me to do a LO on his

Well that is about all that has been happening...well all I can think I better be off to get the kids from school.

Also getting excited as it is not long until my sister comes home for a holiday (19th December)...I am happy to see her, but wish she was coming home for happier reasons.


Rachael said...

I hope you had a lovely time in the city - I hate xmas shopping too - my kids have everything but some kid free time is always nice. Thinking of you daily babe xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Alex said to tell Josh it's way cool being double digits!! LOL Poor little guy with his face though, ouch!

Have a wonderful time on Saturday night, you guys deserve some time out for the two of you. Just realised your sis is due home the same day as our wedding anniversary.

Hugs and love!
Chrissy xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel

I hope you have a great time on Saturday night and I hope my parcel will bring back your scrapping mojo



Sal :-) said...

Hope you guys had a great trip to the city & just gotta love Josh requesting the LO ;-) Ahhh a true scrappers Child LOL.

Hugs xx