Friday, September 08, 2006


Well our story is slowly being heard.

John sent an email off to 3AW as that is the station he listens to...he got a call yesterday saying that they would put him on the radio....well anyway he was on the radio today talking about Rani. It was in relation to the upcoming Transplant Games and they had a lady from the Red Cross discussing the importance of Organ Donation and then John was the flip side discussing what happens when that all important organ doesn't arrive in time.

It was only a really small bit at just before 3pm today...but it was something and John did really well on the Radio.


Peta..xx said...

oh thats so good Mel..
the more people that hear about poor little Rani's fight for survival & the importance of organ donors, the better...
as much as you shouldn't of had to go through that at all, at least your story is being heard...
It was very brave & courageous of John to do that too..
big hugs to you & your family..xx

Rachael said...

I take my hat off to John, how wonderfully brave of him. I am so glad you can channel some of the emotions into this - I too wish more people knew the importance of this.
I feel so guilty for not checking in the last few days. You know I am around if you ever need an ear. Love ya!!!!
hugs to T&J - hope they are doing well at school

Moreena said...

Wow. That is an amazingly courageous, generous, and strong thing to do.

Bev said...

way to go John!! Awareness is so important and you are certainly playing your part

Debbie Y said...

That's fabulous Mel. It's so brave of John to speak about this on radio, but the more people that become aware of Rani's fight and the importance of organ donation the better!

Debbie Y said...
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Michelle B said...

Good on you John for making efforts to get your story heard. The more that people realise that there is a real human cost to not being an organ doner the better. I know that it is hard to talk about Rani's fight, you are so brave!

Michelle b

Chrissy said...

My heart breaks. That must have been so hard for him so soon after losing his little girl. Dad has often been asked/referred by Prince Charles Hosp to do newspaper articles about how important it is to donate, people NEED to know!!!!

Thanks for your email earlier too hon, I was so teary thinking about that little lamb, you made me smile, thankyou for thinking of our big boy today, especially atm.You're a darling. :-)

Hugs sweetie!
Chrissy xx

Lynne said...

I'm really sorry that I didn't know that John was going to be on the radio - I would have listened in. It's a tribute to Rani that he was able to do that - it must have been incredibly difficult.

I just had an email from somebody at Transplant Australia letting me know that one of my letters to the editor was published - I think it's appeared in today's Herald Sun.

I'm thinking of you guys all of the time, and cannot take in the enormity of what has happened to you. I'm just so sorry.

Best regards,


Melinda said...

I just wanted to say that reading about Rani and seeing photos of her on the blog has changed the way I think about organ donation. Now I would not even hesitate to make the choice to donate for myself or other family members. I will be spreading the word and talking about organ donations to all my friends and family.

Jenny said...

Hello Mel,

This was such a wonderful thing for John to do. I dips me lid to him....

I truly hope you can all soon settle into some kind of 'normalcy'.

Always thinking of you,

Alisha73 said...

Good on you guys. The more that hear about Rani's Story and understand the importance of donation the better. Even if only one more person donates dues to the story it is lives saved. You guys are just truely amazing.

t is for trackles said...

I'm with you Mel, all my family knows that they can have anything of mine for transplant and I will be putting it in my will now that that has become legal. When it gets hard remember there are hundreds of us out there supporting you.

Love ya,

Tracey xxx

Treezah said...

a small bit on the radio is better than none at all!!..I think it's wonderful that you both are taking a negative and making something positive out of it. IYKWIM..through you, Australia will learn more about organ donation.
Take care

Sue said...

Hi Mel,

My sympathies and condolences to you, John and the children.

Thought I would leave you a link from the Sydney Morning Herald website, where there is an article about your little Rani. I'm presuming it is in a Melbourne paper too.

Take care


Robyn said...

Way to go must have been hard but at least he was heard and people would have listened to such a heart wrenching story!