Saturday, September 16, 2006



My hubby is another year closer to the big 4-0

We are not in the mood for a big celebration so we are hanging out with Josh and Teagan. :)

So I was thinking today I am so grateful that I found this obsession called scrapbooking...we may have only had Rani for a short time but I have so many fantastic photos of her. I didn't know about scrapping when the other two were little so don't have as many photos. BUT one this I am upset about is we only have 1 family photo of all 5 of us. I hated the photo...more because of the colours, where we were, face expressions...of course now I love it, even though it is blurry. So make sure all you photographers come out from behind the camera and take family photos...or photos of you with you other regret...I spent way to much time behind the camera. :(


Rachael said...

Sending Birthday wishes to John. Enjoy a lovely quiet day :) I am in 100% agreeance with you about family photos and being behind the camera too much - I keep saying to myself we must get more of all of us - and yet I never seem to.
Love ya

lisa :) said...

Happy Birthday John!

As Rach said, I am definitely making more of an effort to take pics' of all of us...

Love to all, *mwah* Lisa xx

parkyslot said...

Birthday wishes to John I hope you have a lovely day.

Mel, oh so true how many times do we all say that, there is always 1 missing due to taking the photos....
Chrissy has the right idea the timer thing.

More of the family thats for sure.
Parky xxx

Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday John, hope you have a lovely day.
Yes Mel, we are all guilty of taking photos of everyone else but never seem to get that family group photo. My family as soon as I mention having a family photo, everyone runs!!

Hope you are all well...thinking of you always.

Love & hugs

Chrissy said...

Oh love I've just been over at the gallery tonight, looking at all those beautiful LOs of your little girl and now I come here and read your post and I couldn't agree more. Scrapping your angel is such a precious gift, one that I'm so grateful that you share with us all.

Happy birthday to John! :-)

Love ya sweetie!
Chrissy xx

Susan C said...

Happy Birthday John!

I think we all need to learn how to use the self timer on our cameras and the purchase of those little tripods is not a bad idea either.


A great reminder to take those family pics.
Happy birthday to John.
Thinking of you often,


A great reminder to take those family pics.
Happy birthday to John.
Thinking of you often,

jilly said...

Thinking of you all. xxx

Jenelle said...


Yes you are certainly right about the photos!! But I'm the one always behind the camera too! Perhaps that is something that I could do today make a effort and learn how to use the self timer!

THinking of you all, and I still come back to check on your BLOG all the times.


DenimAngel said...

Oh Mel I was thinking the same thing about you being a scrapping Mum. I'm so very sorry that Rani is not with you but it is comforting to know that your memories of her will always be fresh. God bless you all and Happy Birthday to John.
Love Susan

Treezah said...

Happy Birthday John!!!!...shall take your advise Mel, and (try) to get out from my hiding spot behind the camera~~

Alisha73 said...

OMG I completely forgot and i was talking to you on friday night too. I hope you had a (i wont say happy) but pleasent birthday. Sometimes hanging out with the kids can be very forfilling. Sry I am playing catch up on the blog as we have been busy with Trev but now he is home I am back and reading.

lusi said...

Hi Mel,
Happy birthday John :)
I can not imagine how you have been able to scrap this layout- you are amazing. This is a stunning layout too :)
(hugs) to you all,
Lus x

Bev said...

I hope John had a nice birthday with you and the kids.. I am so glad you are a scrapper and can preserve all those special memories of Rani

llq said...

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