Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Beautiful Farewell

Well yesterday was beautiful and Princess Rani even held off the rain as it is horrible here today but beautiful yesterday.

I was so not looking forward to the funeral even having to have a bucket in the car to get to the Chapel (but that is another story).

Lilydale Crematorium is absolutely beautiful...we booked it site unseen but had been told by others that it is lovely...not something you really think about.

The chapel was full for our Princess and very simply decorated with 12 pink balloons next to her little coffin.

We were lucky enough to have the lovely Hospital Chaplain Keith do Rani's service as he knew her very well coming and visiting her every day in the Hospital.

Everyone from our Families placed a little something on Rani's coffin...her favourite things. I placed her mirror, John placed a dummy, Josh and Teagan placed pictures and the most beautiful letters, my Mum placed her favourite doll (that she gave her), my Dad placed her its all about me, me, me birthday shirt, my sister Rebecca placed her Peek-a-Boo book (that she bought her), my brother Steven placed a face washer and special flower that he made her that was on her cot, John's Mum placed a favourite Teddy and Johns Dad placed the doll she played with when she was in the car.

Keith spoke about her life and his experiences with her, then John did a speech, then my brother Steven did a speech about all her little quirks and favourite things..that a lot of the Nurse got a smile out of....and then Rebecca read a poem that her and her best friend wrote. We had a beautiful powerpoint presentation that we made of 50+ photos of Rani, some prayers from Keith and then the final prayer was written and read by Johns Dad.

Then we left the Chapel to Hi-5 songs...Rani's favourite.

Finally we let off the 12 balloons one for each month of her life and they floated off to Rani, they went so far that we could no longer see them.

THANK YOU to everyone for all the support over the last year not just for John and I but for all of our family. Thank you for those who flew in from interstate, those from the School Community, from the Hospital and all of our family and friends for being there to farewell our Princess.

THANK YOU to those who could not make it that sent there thoughts and all of the pink candles that were buring for Rani that I see on Blogs...Thank you.

Thank You Terrance for making the Beautiful Thank You cards and supplying the balloons and Roses.

Thank you Sally and Sandra - you know what for :)


Debbie Y said...

Mel your strength never ceases to amaze me ...

I am so glad that you were able to give Rani such a special farewell with so much personal significance and meaning. It sounds like it was the perfect way to farewell a very special little lady.

A pink candle was burning here too, it was the least I could do!

Thinking of you all,

Jenelle said...

Good Bye "Miss Princess Rani"

I'm glad it all went well yesterday, and you all got to say your good byes. She's just gone, but you just can't see her. She can still hear you, but she can't talk back. She's up there with the angels.

Mel, I am in awe with how you are keeping up with the BLOG during the times when you should be with your family.

I'm glad the service went well, the powerpoint presentation, the speeches, the gifts thrown in with the coffin was just another reflection of looking back into her life for the past 12 months. The balloons was a brilliant idea, and each one of them appreciation for each month she was with you.

I'm sure you've got lots of good memories of Rani, so hopefully you'll be able to do scrapbooking of her and all the memories.

You've brought me lots of tears just reading your BLOG over the past week, and even though you don't know me, I've got to know you as a friend, mother, mentor and just being there for your kids and family.

How is John and Teagan taking all this in?

Keep well Mel....


Alisha73 said...

Yesterday was so lovely, the balloons were a perfect send off like sending Rani to heaven. I know people dont say thank you for sad things like this but I do..for your strength and determination and thinking of others by letting us know throught this website. Rani is such a special little princess. I will keep her picture close to my heart and remember the joy and happiness she gave you and john when she was born.

jilly said...

Mel, you don't me but I have been thru similar with my daughter whom we lost in 2001. I had a little pink candle burning for Rani yesterday. My heart is with you.

Susan C said...

I am so glad everything went well and it was the perfect way to say goodbye (until you meet again in the afterlife).

May you find peace in the coming weeks.

Shazz said...

you don't know me mel but i have followed your family's journey with rani through your blog.
i pray that you will all find some peace in the coming weekes and months and know that your precious family are held lovingly in the thoughts of many of us.
take care

god bless you all


lusi said...

I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you to do these posts Mel, but I thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm glad yesterday went well - i prayed for you guys throughout the day. Just wanted you to know I'll keep praying for you. Take care,
(hugs) and love
Lusi x

kate said...

Mel, I just found your blog through someone else's & it has me in tears. I cannot imagine just how heartbroken you & your family must be. I am just so sorry. I am a kidney transplant recipient donated by my sister & have 2 babies 15m & 3m. My heart is just aching for you. Rest in peace beautiful Princess Rani. I am so upset & heartbroken for you. Your writing shows what an amazingly brave & loving mother you are.
All my love & strength, Kate Mason xoxox God Bless.

Chris Millar said...

What a beautiful farewell! Much love to you all.

DenimAngel said...

Mel, the service sounded just beautiful, a touching way to celebrate the twelve months that Rani blessed your lives.
My pink candle was burning brightly here too.
Take care,

Chrissy said...

Mel what a truly beautiful and moving farewell for your sweet little bubba girl love, it broke my heart not to be there. I am so grateful you had your loving family around you yesterday.

My love and heartfelt prayers are with you hon, you know if you need *anything* I'm only a phone call away.
Big hugs Chrissy xx

Jill N-K said...

Hi Mel

I know I usually speak to you in person, or sms, but I really felt the need to "blog on".
Yesterday was the most beautiful and saddest day .... I am so proud of you all for allowing Princess Rani to be cherished and remembered in such a befitting and beautiful service (there was'nt a dry eye in the house). Rani is and was an angel and I will hold on to the memories for ever..(Mel, I remember when you came to my house to announce and delight us with your news and how Miriam and I would try to guess whether she would be a prince or princess).
Please know I am and always will be here for you...
Rest in peace Princess Rani and thankyou for sharing your love, cuddles, strength and wisdom...
Gone to be with the angels, but NEVER forgotten.

Jill N-King

Amy Bergman & Steph Caskey Devlin said...

Mel, I am so so sorry to hear the news of your little girl. I don't even know you, and for what it is worth, I am praying for you guys to get through this, and for strength, and also hope of the light shing again. My thoughts are with you and your family Mel,
Steph Caskey Devlin xo

parkyslot said...


I was just reading the blogs, I am so glad yesterday went as well as could be expected.Sounds like a lovely day, filled with sadness and memories and just how cherished your Princess was.

Gone to be with the Angels.
My pink candle was shining in my office and everyone who came in I proudly told the story and nagged about organ donations.

Again, you are truly and inspirational person. Take strength from the prayers, thoughts and wishes.

Love Parky xxxx

Treezah said...

A send-off perfect for a princess! Through all of this Mel and John, you have grown stronger together as parents/partners. Your love shines through, in your posts and emails.
We all lit candles, from the heart, had a minutes silence (no mean feat in this house!!)and also let loose 2 pink balloons with Rani's name on, which also flew straight up to heaven.
love to you all.
Tess and family

Jenny said...

Oh Mel,

What can I say. Everyone has said it all before me.............. My heart is in my throat and I am fighting tears.

HI 5....What a way to be waved off...bouncing out. GO LITTLE PRINCESS GO !!!

Mel, John, Teagan and Josh...........That Precious little girl of yours and ours is having SO MUCH FUN in heaven with all those other sweet cherubs.............Wasn't thunder I heard rumbling last night. It was the Cherubs bouncing about to Hi5, The Wiggles, The Hooley Dooleys, running and giggling with God trying to control them all..........Oh Can you just picture Him.Shaking his head and thinking "Why Do I bring these little squirts up here when all I'd like to have is a moments PEACE. PLEASE go to sleep cherubs. Please let me have my cup of heavenly tea without interruption JUST ONCE. Can't I go to the Heavenly dunny without company???" Mel, can't you just SEE IT because I can..............

Go Rani, show them what life is all about Baby Girl..............

Love you all.......


lisa :) said...

Sounds like a beautiful farewell for a very beautiful little girl.
Love to all, huggles sweetie, Lisa xx

jacquij said...

i wish i had found out about the candles on the day because there would of been one here to

it all sounds like such a beautiful way to farewell a princess

Sal :-) said...

Oh Mel,

What a beautiful goodbye for a beautiful little princess.

Thank you so much for sharing this day with us & all the other days of the past year.

You're always in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, xx

susan j said...

The day sounded like a perfect send off for your little girl. When you listed all you had put in the coffin it brought me to tears. I am so sad that you have had to go through this at all, when it could have been avoided by a liver transplant. Maybe somehow we could all heighten awareness of the need for organ donations? Maybe if everyone writes it on their blogs and asks anyone who reads their blogs to post it on theirs too to get the word out?

Kirsten De Forest said...

Sounds like a beautiful, but sad, day. I hope that you and your family can find the peace that you so deserve.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there.
Much love,
K xx

Leonie said...

O Mel,
Its sounds like a beautiful send off for your Beautiful Princess.
You amaze me with your strength. A pink candle was burning here in SA for your beautiful little girl.
Please know that you and your family are constantly in my thoughts.
Take care

Robyn said...

Thank you for sharing rani with us.

Anonymous said...

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