Thursday, February 05, 2009

Back to School

Well we are pretty much back into School routine again.

Josh and Teagan both started school on the same day. But as Josh was starting High School and Teagan in her final year of Primary School it was kind of impossible to be in 2 places at once as Josh starts 10 minutes before Teagan. Thankfully John was home and able to drop Josh off at School before heading to the Airport and I took Teagan.

Josh had a great first day at High School and I think he has realised that we weren't joking about the big difference between Primary School and High School, but he is loving being at his new school. I still can't believe that my little man is in High School...where did the time go. He is still so little, as you can see Teagan is taller than him...he is one of the shortest in Year 7, which upsets him a little...I'm sure he will do a big growth spurt soon!!!

Teagan is wrapped to be the head of the school and loves her teacher and is just wrapped to be seeing all her friends again.

Well me - I am 36 weeks pregnant and over the whole think the heat is making it really hard. I went and saw the Ob last week and was telling him about the pains in my scar, so I was sent off to the City for a Specialist U/S...of course it had to be the day it was 45 degrees in the well my scar doesn't seem to be holding up as well as would be liked, so my C-section date has been moved forward, so we get to meet this bub sooner. The hard part is I have been told to rest up and not lift to much...tell that to a 10 month old that is in to everything and loves Mummy cuddles...and of course I love my baby boy cuddles I am trying to rest up, make sure I have everything ready for this bub and excitedly await the arrival of our final addition to our family.

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