Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Its Nearly Over!!!

the dramas with our builder (not the pregnancy - well I guess that is nearly over as well...lol)

As most of you know we have had ongoing dramas with our builders since we moved in back in May last year. We had one last thing that needed fixing and that was our timber floors between the kitchen and meals area as they were buckling.

Of course the builders said it wasn't their fault, the installers said it wasn't their fault...it went back and forth (this started in October) and then the Company that installed the floors got bought out, so someone else had to come out, then of course no one works over Christmas...blah, blah, blah...meanwhile our floors are getting worse.

Well on the Australia Day long weekend I woke to find puddles on the floor. I thought the kiddies had spilt a drink but when I went to wipe it up more water came out of the joins of the floor. What we suspected all along - we had a leak somewhere under the floor boards. We checked under the sink but there was no water coming out or on the shelves.

Well of course being a long weekend we had to wait until Tuesday to get in contact with the builders - Wednesday they were out. In the meantime we had finally found the leak...there was a to big hole cut in the bottom shelf of the cupboard under the sink for the dishwasher connection...well the dripping pipe was dripping directly into this hole onto the floor and of course wrecking my kitchen cabinets as well.

I put a container underneath and it worked out to a litre an hour that was dripping the day the Plumber came to fix it.

So if the builders had pulled their fingers out months ago they would have had a small amount to fix....now they have to replace most of my kitchen and the whole house worth of timber flooring as it is pretty much all wrecked now.

Really an inconvience I don't need when I am 8 month pregnant, so thankfully we have worked it out for the removalist, flooring guys, cleaners, plasters, painters etc all to come in the week that I am in Hospital having bub (the joys of having a date for the C-section) and only John will have to deal with it as the kiddies will stay with Mum and Dad.

So my kitchen is being replaced on Thursday and then fingers crossed when I come home from the Hospital I will have a perfect house and never have to deal with the builders again!.


Giovanna said...

OMG Mel!! Dramas everywhere. At least you're getting a brand new kitchen and not a band-aided one. Praying for a happy healthy bubba in a couple of weeks.

Melanie said...

Mel, all your building dramas have put me off building. lol

I hope they do the job right this time.

Good luck with your impending birth, I can't wait to "meet" your little bubba.

Anonymous said...

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