Monday, January 05, 2009


Didn't realise my last post was back in

So now that it is 2009 I will try and update more often...or when I get those pesky emails from people wanting an

So lets back track...what has happened.

Well Josh graduated Grade 6 and heads off for High School this year...I still can't beleive that my little man will be in High School. He is very excited about starting High School actually counting down the days until he starts!!

Teagan will be the head of the Primary School a big Grade 6er and next year she will also be heading off to High School - they have to stop growing up so fast.

We went out and had a lovely kid free weekend for Mum's 60th Birthday in the City. All of my family stayed in the City and one of my closest friends stayed at our house and looked after the kiddies. We headed into the City early and hit the Casino - went back to the Hotel and got ready for the dinner with Mum's family and friends at the Langham and then for something different we went back to the Casino again. My sister and I left Mum, Dad and our Aunt and Uncle at the Casino at 2am...we can't keep up with the

Then of course Christmas Eve my little man turned 12 and this year we headed out for lunch with my family to Coach and Horses instead of our usual trek to McDonalds because Josh thought he was to old to be having a Macca's dinner for his birthday.

Then the next day Christmas - the kiddies we good - as I am an evil Mum and told them they had to sleep in until 8am before opening their Santa sacks (mainly because we had a big day ahead) well 8.01 they were in presents from Santa, presents under the tree and then we headed to my sisters to meet the rest of my family and even more presents and then to my Aunts for the full roast lunch and by the time we got home we were all exhausted.

Well Kai is now 9 months old and a ball of energy but such a good little man. He is pulling himself up on everything...he loves to walk all around our lounge starting on one of the couches, scooting along to the next and then on the entertainment unit...

He is also fascinated by my belly, contantly pulling my shirt up to see my ever expanding belly...but doesn't do it to anyone else - make you wonder if he knows whats in there. Speaking of in my belly - on;y about 8 weeks to go and we get to meet our final addition to our family.

and finally Frank - our little puppy is still not walking, but everyday he seems to make a little more progress and moves his legs a little more so fingers crossed that he will be walking again.


marijana said...

glad to see you back Mel!!!!
whoo-8 weeks to go - OMG its gone so fast-hehehehe
and cant wait to meet you in "real life" at Bons retreat :)


Melanie said...

I too can't belive you only have 8 weeks to go, that has flown by (for us readers anyway. lol)

Belated Happy Birthday to Josh, they are growing up too quickly Mel.