Friday, February 27, 2009


Lainey Grace Joi...

We headed into the Hospital at 6.30am to prepare for the C-section and at 8am were ready to go. This C-section was definately different to Kai's...everything side effect that they said could happen I had. My chest was heavy and my nose blocked making it difficult to breathe, I felt sick the whole operations, but everything disappeared when we saw our little girl..and she is little - well to us - the smallest of all 5 of our kiddies.

Recovery was pretty quick and the nice thing was that they bought Lainey to me in recovery this time...with Kai I didn't see him for nearly an hour.

Back to the room and the side effects hit again, throwing up, itchy skin from the morphine (I actually needed drugs to stop the itching) back thankfully after 12 hours or so most of the effects had worn off and I could enjoy some one on one time with my little lady.

I am home now and in a lot more pain than I was last time, hoping all this will disappear soon, but all worth it to have a beautiful healthy little princess.

Here are some piccies...

First cuddle

Kai with his little sister - he looks so big now - he is not really interested in his sister at all!!
Josh - the proud big brother
Teagan wrapped to have another girl in the
and the little princess


marijana said...

she is beautiful!!!!and yes she does look so tiny:)
love the name ....:)
take care!!!!


bon said...

wow mel, she is just gorgeous!!
you must be so happy, massive congrats to you and your fqamily :D

Lisa A said...

Hey Mel,
You know what they say about the pain etc, it all goes away when you look at your bubba
Congratulations to you John and family, and Look at Kai he has grown up so quick, its like it was just yesterday he was born. I have been reading your blog now since June 2006 and I must say your journey has been amazing, you have a lot of strength and that certainly shows in your family. Keep up the good work.. now time for some baby girl layouts WOOHOO

Melanie said...

Mel, Lainey is gorgeous.
I love the photo of Kai with his "little" sister, he isn't that much bigger than her in age. lol

Rest up and enjoy your newest bundle of joy.

Chris Millar said...

Hi Mel, just wanted to pop in and say a very belated congratulations on the birth of Lainey, she's absolutely gorgeous and I just adore that name! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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