Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting there!

OK since my last post a lot has happened...We have had the big boss out to our house to show him all the mistakes in the house and get them fixed ASAP.

The one thing that I am happiest about is that we have normal hot water in the showers now!. It was a really stupid thing that wasn't done at hand over and took the Plumber under a minute to fix. When he tested the water before turning the knob (that was all that was needed - and that took almost 3 weeks) the water was 39 degrees...he fixed it to the 50 degrees it should have been and I had the best shower after they all left...lol

The poor plumber had to come back the next day and spend 4 hours here fixing up all the mistakes the original plumber had made.

So another week and I am stuck at home waiting for tradesmen to turn up...I am really sick of being house bound.

Although my new curtains went in today - so the house looks more homely, instead of the lovely sheets and doona covers we had on the windows.

Plus our fences are all up and the landscaping is on its way - of course now that the driveway has dried up enough for the bobcat to come back and finish cutting yesterday - of course today there is rain!

So here are some progress photos of the landscaping.

The start of the fences (and John's shed)

Fences finished

The start of the driveway

Ready to lay the concrete and then the pavers and build the retaining wall.


Chrissy said...

It's all coming together now honey, won't be long!! (I know how sick to death of that you must be!) Can't wait to see some inside piccies, such a sticky beak! *grin*

Melanie said...

Im glad that you are finally getting the problems rectified. Your house is looking beautiful.

Shannan said...

house looks great... where did you build??

llq said...

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