Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Our Weekend

Well Sunday was our Wedding Anniversary so John and I spent Saturday night in the City.

We arrived at the Stamford Plaza at about 2pm, put our bags in our room and headed down for some retail therapy. We thought we would check out the new DFO at Spenser Street Station - or whatever it is called now!!! Picked up lots of clothes for the 2 of us and even some stuff for the new kitchen that was to marked down not to get had to lug it all back to the Hotel. The walk down wasn't so bad as we had no shopping and it was all down hill...the walk back was a bit

As John had worked Friday night he decided to have a little sleep before having dinner, so i took advantage of having a Spa in the bathroom and had a relaxing 1 hour bath. It was bliss, no interuptions, no little kiddies walking in, peace and quiet and did I mention relaxing!.

We had a lovely dinner and then had room service dessert and watched an in room big party animals. But it was nice just spending time together and alone.

Sunday after sleeping in and then having our overly priced Hotel headed out shopping (window shopping this time) searching for furniture for the new house again without kiddies that don't want to be lots of ideas and now really want the house to play with all the stuff I
Pretty horrible piccy of us in our room....

Then we came home and saw Josh and Teagan - who got spoilt themselves by Nana and Grandpa - Macca's for dinner, trip to the Park and treat while doing the food all in all everyone had a lovely weekend.


Chrissy said...

Ohhhhh hey! I've been there! Had a girly shopping trip interstate with a friend and we ended up staying there, they had the yummiest hot chocolates!! Tres NICE Miss Mel!! :)

So glad you had a relaxing weekend!
Chrissy xx

bon said...

sounds like you had a great time :)
sometimes it's great to just have you time!

Anonymous said...

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