Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all...I hope you all have had a fantastic day and all got spoilt rotten.

I know I certainly did..check out my

Ok lets last year alot of the presents that Josh and Teagan bought at the School Mothers Day Stall are to do with Rani. Last year Rani was still in Hospital and Josh and Teagan bought me angels and buddha's. This year as much as I loved my Mothers Day it would have been perfect having Rani here with i have been a bit emotional today. Just like our Wedding Anniversary last year spent in the Hospital and also Mothers Day last year we were in there...I would have given anything today to have even been at the Hospital celebrating Mothers Day if it meant that my whole family were together today...well anyday.

Back to the gifts.

Josh got from School an angel figurine, some soap and a necklace. Teagan bought me a cow salt and pepper shaker, a dolphin figurine for my desk and a heart on a in class she also made me a mini having one of the Grade 4 teachers being a scrapper :)

Also they both went shopping with Daddy and bought me "frank" my british bulldog...I love these dogs and have wanted one I got one today..shame he is a figurine..but one step closer to the real they bought me this fantastic jade and wood wall hanging both the jade and the wood have buddha's carved into them. This is for Rani...she is our little buddha and we have lots of buddha things in memory of our little girl, so in the new house this hanging will take pride in the entry.

So after I opened all of my presents we headed upstairs to give Mum her presents and then Dad made everyone breakfast. Mum and Dad headed down to see her Mother and we all did our own things.

So all in all I have had a beautiful Mothers Day and I hope that everyone else enjoyed theres as well.


Leanne said...

Oh Mel, I am new to blogging and I have just read back through your hard it must have been to go through what you and your family have been through, what a beautiful little Princess, Rani was. Happy belated Mothers Day to you...and best wishes for a brighter future.

Chrissy said...

Was thinking of you yesterday sweetheart... much love to you hon and your beautiful family! *mwah*