Sunday, April 17, 2011

Run for the Kids

Run for the Kids was today and again my brother Ran for Rani.

He makes us so proud doing this huge run every year 14.6km and he really doesn't like running.  He didn't think he would go to well today as he didn't train as hard this year but he still finished in around 1r 6 minutes - which I think is amazing - no way I could run that far that fast.

There were so many people running this year...a huge steady stream of people kept coming past us where we were sitting outside one of the Cafes at the Casino...thankfully we sit in the same place every year so Steven knew where to you can see from the photos he had to dodge a lot of people just so we could cheer him on.

So I am sure a huge amount of money was raised for the Royal Children's Hospital :)

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