Saturday, April 23, 2011

No More Hospitals!!!

OK so I have officially had enough of going to Hospitals!!!

I guess because I didn't update all of last year those that don't follow me on Facebook wouldn't know that we have had a few overnighters and trips to Emergency depts.

So it started in October last year...I was on the phone to my Mum and I hear a scream...Kai has slammed the front door and Lainey's thumb is there.  The door managed to slice the top of her thumb and then she pulled her hand out and left the top part of her thumb on the door jam!!!  So called an Ambulance and we were taken to Dandenong Hospital.  We were admitted and they did microsurgery that night to re-attach the top of the thumb but we had no idea if it worked. So after staying the night we were sent home with Lainey   in plaster up to her elbow for 10 days and then we got to see her thumb.  To us it looked horrible but the Surgeons seemed hopeful.  So that was the start of weekly visits to Dandenongs!!! Sitting in a waiting room for on average 2 hours to see the Doc for 5 minutes to be told 'we will see what it looks like next week!'  So finally in January they decided to do one more surgery and remove all the dead skin, we were over the moon with the result as were the Surgeons as she had thumb nail, one thing they thought she may have lost.  So her thumb looks fantastic now, a little shorter than her other but without really looking you wouldn't notice.

So after that I had had enough of Hospital visits and thought it was all over and done with until 16th March.  This time it was Kai's turn.  He had not been feeling well for a couple of days and this day his temp went up to 41 degrees.  I called Nurses on Call and they told me to go straight to the Emergency Dept...So after an X-ray, blood and urine test they came back with pneumonia! I must admit I was a little surprised as he didn't really have that much of a cough...just the fever and his body was like it was on fire.  So we were admitted into Hospital and Kai was hooked up to a drip to have 4 hourly antibiotics...Mum was with me in Emergency and she said she would stay the night as I had to be home for Lainey in the morning.

He only had to stay the night and was discharged in the afternoon with oral antibiotics but they thought we had caught it early enough that we didn't need a follow up check up.

Well we ended up in Emergency again on Wednesday night, again Kai's body felt like it was on fire, 40 degree temp, took him to see a Doc and again told to go to Emergency.  This time he wasn't as bad...when we got to Emergency his temp had dropped to 39.1 and then when we saw the Doc it was 38.7 but blood tests showed that he had an infection but they were not sure where. So he had some antibiotic jabbed in his leg and as he wasn't connected to a drip we were allowed home and had to come back the following morning.  They still couldn't tell us exactly what the infection was and the only way to tell was to let him get sicker so instead they were covering their bases by giving him antibiotics that killed most infections.  So another jab in the leg and more oral antibiotics and we were allowed to go home.  I have to take him back to our Doc in a month for another blood test to make sure his blood cells are back to normal and hopefully this is the end of it and I won't have to take any more of my children to the Hospital again.